From Bhopal to Hyderabad, Indians Hail The Section 377 Verdict

From Bhopal to Hyderabad, Indians Hail The Section 377 Verdict

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In a landmark judgment, the five-judge bench of the Supreme Court unanimously, on 6 September, partially struck down the British-era law which criminalised consensual homosexual sex in India.

While reading his judgment on Section 377 of the IPC, Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra noted, “I am what I am. So take me as I am. No one can escape from their individuality”.

Celebrations of the Supreme Court’s verdict scrapping the part of Section 377 of the IPC that criminalises homosexuality are coming in from across the country.

The Quint reached out to people from Bhopal to Trivandrum to learn what they think about the verdict.

We live in a country where every person has the right to be free. I do not think this would have a negative impact on the society. 
Sanjay Yadav, Bhopal Resident
The Supreme Court’s verdict has brought everyone under the same umbrella without discrimination based on colour or class. This treats everyone equally.  
Sajin, Trivandrum Resident 
It will take some time for the society to accept them but it is a legal recognition. Today’s verdict will help people to accept them as part of the society.
Naba Thakuria, Social Worker

CJI Dipak Misra while reading his and Justice Khanwilkar’s judgment observed, “Section 377 has been partially struck down. The law will no longer apply to consensual same-sex acts between homosexuals, heterosexuals, lesbians but will still apply to bestiality and sexual acts without consent by one of them.”

The last judge pronouncing the judgment, Justice Indu Malhotra observed, “History owes an apology to members of LGBT community and their family members for ostracisation and persecution they faced because of society's ignorance that homosexuality is a natural trait, its penal suppression infringes a host of fundamental rights.”

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