COVID Recoveries at Home, Things That Can Help

People at The Quint shared their recovery stories with the hope that it will help ease the panic.

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Video Editor: Ashutosh Bhardwaj

(Disclaimer: These are experiences of COVID-recovered people. Always consult your doctor for any medical advice.)

The second wave of COVID has hit India harder than the first one. There’s panic and fear all around. People are scared and worried thinking what would happen if they tested positive for COVID?

At such a time, it is important to talk about the fact that not all COVID infections need hospitalisation and recoveries can be facilitated at home.

We spoke to a few people at The Quint who shared their recovery stories with the hope that perhaps it will help ease the panic.

“My family, which includes my 64-year-old diabetic father, and I contracted COVID. We have recovered from it. It was painful and the post-COVID recovery is slow, but we are coping.”
Zijah Sherwani, Senior Producer, The Quint
“It took me about 3-4 weeks to get completely fit. Another few weeks to get my stamina back.”
Asmita Nandy, Correspondent, The Quint

Zijah's Recovery: Followed a healthy diet and a routine

1. Took steam thrice a day.
2. Slept on the side or on the stomach.
3. Ate two boiled eggs, kiwi, apple and orange, dry fruits. Had vegetable soup, coconut water and turmeric milk.
4. Cut down on screen time.
5. Slept a lot.

“I still have cough and easily get tired. My father is still on oxygen, and some other members of the family have dizziness. The recovery is happening but it’s very slow.”
Zijah Sherwani, Sr Producer, The Quint

Asmita's Recovery: Keep the mind busy to get away from negative thoughts

1. Talk to a friend, watch a movie, meditate.

2. Take a break from social media. With so many things happening around, it's difficult to switch off but negative thoughts induced by social media doesn’t help.

“I used to call/video call my friends. I played a lot of ludo. I even returned to work because my symptoms were mild. I made sure to take enough breaks so that I didn’t tire myself out. All this helped me get over the anxiety.”
Asmita Nandy, Correspondent, The Quint

Akansha's Recovery: Journaling was an essential part of the healing

1. Writing a diary helped me when I felt helpless or vulnerable.
2. Walking for 5-10 minutes.
3. Milk with honey at night helped with sleep.

“Diarrhoea and fever were gone, but weakness stayed for a long time. I was lucky that my mother was my primary caregiver. It gave me a lot of mental support.”
Akansha Singh, Sr Desk Writer, The Quint

At a time like this, keeping few essentials ready helps

1. Keep phone numbers of doctors ready. You will have a lot of questions and your health will fluctuate. In such a case, consulting a doctor will be helpful.

2. It is known that COVID-19 affects the lungs, which leads to a decrease in pressure of oxygen in the blood and, hence, a drop in the oxygen saturation level.

Get a pulse oximeter to keep monitoring your oxygen saturation levels every two hours.
Oxygen saturation of a normal individual on a finger oximeter is 96-100 percent, this also depends on the age of the patient.
Since a rapid drop in the saturation levels is seen in the second wave. If the saturation falls below 94%, the patient must consult a doctor or report to the hospital.

3. Get a thermometer to monitor your body temperature.

4. Get a steam machine. Inhaling steam helps reduce the load of COVID infection.

“I used to put eucalyptus oil in my steamer to clear my nose. Steaming helped ease the congestion and I slept better and night.”
Asmita Nandy, Correspondent, The Quint

The second wave is believed to reach its peak in May 2021. At such a time it's very important that we take all precautions.

Our doctors and hospitals are stretched beyond limits and we have to help them by not getting infected. People who aren’t infected yet, just can’t drop their guard. They should not step out if it’s not absolutely necessary. Stay indoors.

If you have to step out, make sure you mask up double. Avoid crowds and frequently wash your hands and use sanitisers.

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