Instagram Without ‘Like’ Button? Here’s What Millennials Think

Instagram Without ‘Like’ Button? Here’s What Millennials Think


Cameraperson: Sumit Badola
Editor: Kunal Mehra

Instagram is rolling out a test feature where the ‘Likes’ on a particular post will be visible only to the profile owner, and not their followers or the general public (in case of public accounts).

Why are they doing so, you ask?

Instagram claims that this will help its users worry less about the success or popularity of their posts and help them focus more on their content.

The feature is already being tested in seven countries as of 23 July 2019, namely Canada, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, New Zealand, Italy and Japan.

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What do Millennials Think?

Instagram’s latest experiment has left people divided about whether it is a good move or not.

At The Quint as well, we had our discussion on this. While some felt it is a good move to get rid of the ‘Like’ button, others wanted it to stay.

Cyrus John, The Quint’s in-house tech expert, felt that it is just a move from Instagram to clean itself of the fake accounts that give paid likes. While Yagya felt that if Instagram needs to make an actual impact on ‘mental health’, then they have to maybe hide ‘Likes’ from everyone, including the one who uploads the content. Others, however, think that a little validation does no harm.

Watch the entire discussion in the video above.

Social Media Divided

On Twitter, as well, people brought their opinions about Instagram’s new move to the yard.

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Mental Health or Money?

Instagram officials, while announcing the test, mentioned that the feature is being introduced to reduce the “competition” on the platform, and will help users to focus on the posts and their engagement.

However, those opposing say that it is a move by Instagram to “control the e-commerce that happens on the platform”.

It shall be interesting to see what happens if and when the feature comes to India!

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