Bigg Boss 11: Why Hina Khan Is the Most Hated Contestant

Bigg Boss 11: Why Hina Khan Is the Most Hated Contestant


She thinks she is always right and she is always doing what is ‘fair’ but what Ms. Right Hina Khan doesn’t know is that she is the vamp of the Bigg Boss 11 house. Like Salman said “Jaha se hamain dikh raha hai waha se ye pata chalta hai ki aap aag may ghee dal rahe ho.” That’s exactly what she has been doing - fuelling the fire. According to Twitter and even according to a few celebrities, Hina Khan is the most hated contestant in the house and a lot of people have been questioning her acts. Even ex Bigg Boss contestant Benafsha called Hina, a liar after stepping out of the house and seeing what actually was going on.

The Sunder and Susheel Bahu of television has turned into a vamp in no time. From calling Shilpa Shinde bhainsi aunty to calling Arshi a “drum” she has done everything to earn the status of a vamp. She even spoke about other actresses like Gauhar Khan and Sakshi Tanwar in a way that they were portrayed in bad light. The comments on Gauhar didn’t go down very well with the ex Bigg Boss winner and she made a scathing comment about Hina on Twitter. Her overconfidence is another aspect that has worked against her. She said "Meri jaisi ban kar dikha Shilpa Shinde loser. Shakal hai nahi, akal hai nahi, bhainsi jaisi hai, karegi kya. (Shilpa Shinde, I dare you to look like me. You are a loser. You neither have beauty, nor brains and you look like a buffalo.)"

When Salman Khan tried to point out her mistake, she accused Salman of partiality and alleged that 'the show is biased towards certain people'.

Delhi girl Hina Khan became a household name as Akshara with her show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. She has been the face of the TV serial since eight years now.

Here is a video that shows why Hina Khan is the most hated contestant of Bigg Boss 11.

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