Getting Down And Dirty: A 360 Degree Experience of The Dangal

Getting Down And Dirty: A 360 Degree Experience of The Dangal


Dangal – the one word that has been on everyone’s lips ever since Aamir Khan’s latest film on wrestling. But what does Dangal actually mean and what is its importance in competitive wrestling?

Dangal is a traditional form of wrestling, in which wrestlers compete on dirt floors. References to it are found in the legend of Lord Krishna and the Mahabharata.

Almost 5000 Dangals take place in India every year, most of them in the north Indian states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The prize money ranges from Rs 5000 to almost Rs 2.5 lakhs.

More than the money, however, Dangals play a critical role in the discovery of unknown wrestling talents. These wrestlers then graduate to wrestling on mat and with proper coaching and the right exposure, they fight at different competitive levels. Here’s an immersive 360 degree experience of the Dangal.

Cameraman: Tridip K Mandal

Video Editor: Hitesh Singh

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