A 360° Walkthrough of the Ford Engine Plant in Sanand, Gujarat

A 360° Walkthrough of the Ford Engine Plant in Sanand, Gujarat

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Ford India invited The Quint and a few other journalists to its plant in Sanand, Gujarat to unveil its new 1.5 litre, three-cylinder petrol engine that will soon debut in the upcoming Ford Ecosport.

The Ti-VCT (fuel-injected, with variable valve-timing) 1.497 cc petrol engine is a completely made-in-India engine, which will be supplied to other markets from Sanand. This three-cylinder motor is naturally aspirated (not turbocharged) and puts out 123 PS of maximum power and 150 Nm of peak torque.

For the geeks interested in the technology of this engine, it runs a twin-overhead camshaft with twin independent variable camshaft timing (TiVCT), and four valves per cylinder. It has a 10 degree offset crankshaft and a timing belt dipped in oil for better efficiency and durability. The exhaust manifold is built into the cylinder head, which improves thermal management and reduces the size of the engine. (Don’t forget to pause and take a close look at the engine in the video.)

We got a walkthrough of the plant where the engine is made. Entering the manufacturing area, one has to walk through an air chamber to blow of all dust. Next we got a look at the basic block being built, with a mix of robots and human intervention. It progresses towards piston and crank assembly along an assembly line system. At each stage, the progress is digitally monitored and checked.

The finished engine is then sent to the hot-test centre, where the fuel lines, lubricant and plugs are connected and the engine is fired up. It is revved up to 2,000 rpm for less than a minute to check for leaks, before being sent for final inspection and further transport to the car assembly plant.

Video Editor: Puneet Bhatia

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