Tech Tip: 5 Ways You Can Keep Your Smartphone Safe
Here are some ways you can prevent damage to your smartphone.
Here are some ways you can prevent damage to your smartphone.(Photo: iStock)

Tech Tip: 5 Ways You Can Keep Your Smartphone Safe

Here’s the irony! I have seen people with a Rs 8,000 smartphone use a phone cover, an original charger and even tempered glass while the ones with phones over Rs 25,000 use third-party chargers with no screen protection and even refrain from using smartphone covers because they find them “bulky”!

People today consider smartphone safety an inconvenience and often ignore the basics of how to protect their phones. The result? A broken screen and a miffed smartphone customer.

Customers end up blaming the smartphone maker for their carelessness or callous attitude towards the phone. If you don’t want to end up on the list of these kind of people, here are five ways you can keep your smartphone safe.


Stop Using Cheap Cables & Chargers

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’d probably know how many smartphones have exploded due to faulty batteries and chargers. Since you can’t really do anything about a faulty battery (since most phones have non-removable batteries now), you can always go for original chargers and cables rather than save money and buy cheap composites.

Trust me, it’s better spending that extra buck on a good charger rather than end up as a headline in a newspaper reading “ xxxxx, victim of another battery explosion”.

These wires cause a lot of damage to the battery and can also lead to fires or electrocution. Also, once you have bought a good quality cable, treat it like an asset. Take care of it and don’t wrap the cable tightly and avoid yanking on it when you pull it out of the socket.

Get a Case & Screen Protector

There are times when a Gorilla Glass just doesn’t do. It’s times like these when extra protection might just save you the trip to the repair shop. A cracked screen is never a good sight. Therefore it’s important to bolster your gizmo with a strong smartphone case and also screen protector.

Yes, you’ll will have to compromise a bit on the comfort as a sturdy case always brings with itself a lot of bulk.

It’s just not the external damage you have to worry about. The phone is susceptible to a lot of damage on the inside, which a smartphone case can definitely help reduce.

So, if your’re thinking of going for a good tempered glass, you can consider Trink which provides good quality tempered glass starting at just Rs 500. Also, if you’re going for a smartphone case, make sure they are strong and you’re not buying it just for the heck of it.

Don’t Let Your Phone Die

A smartphone battery has a limited lifespan and it degrades over time depending upon how you are using it and also the way you charge the phone. This also slows down the performance of the device. Though, it's inevitable, you still can give your phone's battery some extra life by improving the way you charge your phone.

DO NOT allow your phone to regularly shutdown after the phone reaches 0 percent. There is no trouble in charging the phone over night. Always try to keep your battery above 30 percent so that the phone still has some extra battery to calibrate sensors and run other background applications as well.

Just Because It Says Waterproof Doesn’t Mean...

Okay, just because the box reads water-resistant or waterproof doesn’t mean you go scuba-diving with the gizmo. You have to understand, there is no such thing as a “waterproof” smartphone. The IP68 rating for a phone does give it protection under water, but only for a limited period of time.

The more you put it inside the water the more you are degrading its resistance. The phone is only meant to withstand rain and a few water splashes.

So, even if the company says that the phone is waterproof, use it under water sparingly. It may not damage the phone instantaneously but over time it will kill it.

Update For God’s Sake

A healthy phone is an updated phone. Download regular software updates and also update applications. This ensures that your smartphone is protected against unwanted malware and viruses.

Also, don’t ignore the app updates as they also carry a lot of bug fixes and also safety features that keep the phone safe.

Also, try avoid downloading applications from untrusted sources and unscrupulous websites as most of these applications are fake and can do serious damage to your phone and data. Stay safe and download only from trusted sources.

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