Now Watch YouTube on Full-Screen Mode With Your 18:9 Ratio Screen 

The pinch-to-zoom feature on YouTube video fills up the space on phones with 18:9 ratio screen. 

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YouTube is finally warming up to 18:9 screen for its videos. 

You might not have noticed this yet, but the latest update for YouTube allows you to watch normal videos on an 18:9 ratio screen.

That’s right, you can watch movies and videos on the popular video streaming app in the latest format, which has caught the attention of smartphone makers.

We tried out the feature on Android phones, and we presume that it’ll work on the iPhone X (the only iPhone with an 18:9 ratio screen) as well.

So, how does one get to switch the format of a video on YouTube to support the edge-to-edge display?

Open the YouTube app, play a video, and pinch to zoom. This fills up the blank spaces, thereby giving you instant video on the 18:9 ratio format.

This is how the pinch-to-zoom feature for video works on YouTube. 
This is how the pinch-to-zoom feature for video works on YouTube. 
(Photo: The Quint)

iPhone X, OnePlus 5T, and even the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 now come with an edge-to-edge display, paving the way for videos to fill up the screen even more.

With YouTube doing its bit for the bezel-less screen smartphones, here’s hoping that more developers manage to offer content in the newest format.

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