Instagram Users Can Start Group Chats With Friends From Stories
Another feature makes its way to Stories on the platform.
Another feature makes its way to Stories on the platform.(Photo: iStock)

Instagram Users Can Start Group Chats With Friends From Stories

Facebook-owned photo-messaging app Instagram has launched a new 'Join Chat' sticker for Stories that would let users ask their followers to join a new group chat.

"Introducing the new chat sticker in Stories. Now, there's an easy way to start conversations with a group of friends right from your story," Instagram announced on its Twitter handle on Tuesday.

Every time someone would place a chat sticker on their story, their friends would be able to tap the sticker and request access to the chat.

It is up to the original poster of the Story to decide who to include in the new chat, which would happen on the direct messages inbox.

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However, users' replies to Instagram's announcement did not seem excited about the feature. Most of the replies noted that these extra stickers are not needed.

Chat within Stories, why Instagram?
Chat within Stories, why Instagram?
(Photo: Instagram screen grab)

"How about instead of messing up what was a perfectly good app you concentrate on fixing the algorithm, etc. Your stupid features are killing it," a user wrote.

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"How about you fix your app before adding new stuff???? I can't even log into my account! Can't wait till someone makes something better than Instagram! You guys don't even care about the users," wrote another.

"This is absolutely ridiculous and it's unacceptable @instagram start listening," said a tweet.

The photo-messaging app that has over 1 billion users has a plethora of stickers for purposes including polls, questions, mentions, locations, hashtags and countdowns among others.

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