Millions Share Angst As HDFC Netbanking & Mobile App Not Working
HDFC customers having a hard time with online platforms.
HDFC customers having a hard time with online platforms.(Photo: The Quint)

Millions Share Angst As HDFC Netbanking & Mobile App Not Working

It has been three days since HDFC netbanking and mobile app have worked and its users in the country are having a hard time getting their dues paid.

After couple of days of remote silent, the private banking entity reached out to its customers via a tweet where it mentions that a ‘technical glitch’ is the reason for the downtime of its digital payment platforms.

Post the 2016 demonetisation, digital platforms have become a convenient source of making payments on-the-go, and their unavailability is a big headache for over 50 million customers that HDFC Bank caters to in the country.

Considering HDFC says its ‘experts are working on it on top priority’ it’s hard to explain a three day downtime, that too during the first week of the month.

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We’ve been trying to connect with HDFC online banking site as well as the app ourselves, but neither platforms are able to register our request for making payment or any other feature.

(Photo: Netbanking screen grab)

This downtime has created a furore among its customers, who have let the bank know of their feeling on social media over the past couple of days.

It remains to be when HDFC manages to bring its online payment system back in order.

But it must be pointed out that technical glitches for HDFC Bank seems to be common sight. Last year in December, the bank strangely decided to ditch its stable working mobile app with a glitch-ridden version, and users said that the app was non-responsive and some people were not able to open their bank accounts via the app.

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This forced the bank to take down the app, and republish the older version till they fixed the glitches.

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