Google Pixel 2: Can Google Give Us the Perfect Android Smartphone?
Google Pixel and Pixel XL phone (Photo Courtesy: Google)
Google Pixel and Pixel XL phone (Photo Courtesy: Google)

Google Pixel 2: Can Google Give Us the Perfect Android Smartphone?

When Google thought of making a smartphone of their own, they went the whole nine yards, making it one of the best offering in the market. They almost succeeded at that too, but the price tag on the phone made people turn their heads the other way.

Now, Google is planning to upgrade its next flagship device with the best of hardware and none of the mistakes made with Pixel and Pixel XL.

So, time to dive into some of the rumours we have heard about the upcoming Google device, and also what we would want the new Google phone to look like.

What to Expect?

Code Name: Fish!
Although, no word on what the new Google flagship will be named, we’ll play safe and call it the Google Pixel 2. The two variants could be code-named “Muskie” and “Walleye”, which are names of fish, and very close to Google’s choice of code names of the Pixel and Pixel XL- Marlin and Sailfish.

Ahead of the Curve

Google Pixel was a good start in 2016. (Photo: <b>The Quint</b>)
Google Pixel was a good start in 2016. (Photo: The Quint)

Google had it tough in 2016 getting OLED display for the Pixel series. That might not be the case this year as Google has invested nearly $880 into LG’s display division.

With LG already having made inroads into the curved display department, don’t be surprised if the next Google phones sport curved screens. Rumours are that flexible displays might also be in Google’s plans.

A Little Splash Won’t Be a Problem

Flagships in this generation come with serious waterproofing, and the new Pixel phone is bound to follow suit. This was a feature that the Pixel phones missed, and thereby received a lot of stick for it.

The new Google phone might not be a Sony grade waterproof, but we are looking at an IP68 water/dust resistant rating. This is a feature that will be welcomed by all.

Dual the 'Dhamaka'

The Google Pixel phones never had any problems in the camera department as far as clicking pictures is concerned. The Pixel camera is still one of the best cameras out there. What did turn out to be a bit of a problem was the video recording capability of the phone.

Here’s where we feel the Google Pixel lens needs a revamp with better video recording features. We wouldn’t mind seeing a dual-camera setup on the phone. That’s what everybody is doing right? So what’s stopping you, Google?

Move on from HTC

Based on what we have seen with the Google Pixel devices, sorry to say HTC, but we don’t want you making the next Pixel phone. Why? To be honest, we won’t tout HTC to be a good example as far as their after sale and repair services are concerned. So buying an HTC make device has it’s own troubles. Also, the design could have been a bit better.

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We really liked what LG had done with the Nexus 5x , not to mention Huawei’s innovative hand with the 6P. So we give a thumbs up to either LG or Huawei to make the next Pixel phone.

So there’s a lot going around in Google’s office as far as the next Pixel device is concerned. What we are sure about is that the next Google phone is going to be much more refined, minus all the blemishes found in the current Pixel phones.

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