Space Exploration Inventions We Now Use in Our Everyday Lives

Space Exploration Inventions We Now Use in Our Everyday Lives

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From selfies to vacuum cleaners, some of the most important things in our lives are a result of space exploration. Now, you must be wondering what your selfie has to do with space exploration...

Space exploration agencies, like NASA, forged inventions to help explore space. It isn’t common knowledge that some of these inventions were made available in the public domain for commercial use. Today, we use the tech in our everyday lives.

We look at 25 of the inventions which have come into being because of space exploration.


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Some of the most important inventions by space agencies gave birth to technologies such as the CMOS camera sensor, portable computer, a computer mouse and even the CAT scan machine.

Little do people know that even baby formula has an additive which was made an algae-based vegetable oil recycling agent, which was used to keep food fresh for long space missions.

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Although many other inventions were created with the help of space agencies, if we sit down to list them all, we’d be here forever.

Space exploration has made other important contributions like athletic shoes, scratch resistant glass, insulin pumps, ear thermometers and even LEDs.

Scientists and engineers work on space exploration technology on a daily basis, and in the process, stumble upon unique tech which can be put to commercial use.

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So, the next time you see a rocket flying into space, know that it can lead to the birth of the next best invention.

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