Select all the statements
that apply to you


Can you really be proud of India without
being proud of its secular fabric?

  • I celebrate festivals of religions other than mine
  • I need not believe in any religion to be secular
  • I only make friends with those who follow my religion
  • I think all Indians have the right to practice their religion
  • I feel India should recognise one religion as the state religion
  • I would not refuse service from a food vendor because he doesn't follow my religion
  • In my view, interfaith marriages bridge the religious divide in our society
  • I feel religious and cultural symbols like hijab, kada and bindi should be banned in schools/colleges
  • I don't consider the religion of the neta when I vote
  • I believe the government should intervene if one religious group targets another
  • I have no problem in renting out a room in my house to people from other religions
  • I feel institutions like madarsas, convent schools and gurukuls should be banned
  • I agree that companies shouldn't discriminate on religious basis when hiring for jobs
  • I think we should remove eggs from mid-day meals in case of religious opposition
  • I believe India shouldn't have religion-based political parties
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