OTT Platforms Are Liberating: Kiara Advani & Ruchi Narain
Kiara Advani and Ruchi Narain talk about creating<i> Guilty.</i>
Kiara Advani and Ruchi Narain talk about creating Guilty.(Photo: The Quint)

OTT Platforms Are Liberating: Kiara Advani & Ruchi Narain


On our latest episode of ‘OffScreen’ we spoke to the team of Netflix’s Guilty, Kiara Advani and Ruchi Narain on making the film, doing workshops and why working with OTT platforms is liberating.

For Kiara, Netflix is where things really changed for her with Lust Stories. She said, “A 25-minute film to get me that kind of appreciation. But I think it just so liberating to work on a platform which allows you that creative freedom. And I feel, for me, it has been one of my best experiences. I was thinking today. I was like, I have worked on a film like Guilty and there are so many things that... I mean, I wish sometimes we would have that in all our films. But the kind of experience you get when you can just creatively be, and you don’t have that restriction of certain things.”

For Ruchi too, Netflix was the ideal platform for a film like this. She said, “When Karan asked me if I’d be okay with doing the film for Netflix, I said I’d rather do it for Netflix.”

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Producer: Nandakumar Rammohan
Editor: Veeru Krishan Mohan

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