This Kebab Is Literally out of This World

This Kebab Is Literally out of This World


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a MEATY-OR that’s soaring through the sky and past JuPITAA. It’s the world’s first kebab is launched into space.

Kebabs are reaching new heights in Zurich, Switzerland. Kudos to one adventurous restaurateur and his dream to send his signature kofta wrap into space.

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Attaching the beloved snack to a weather balloon, Pascal Leuthold of the Mediterranean take-away chain ‘Avyerdis’ saw his kebab soar to a staggering 124,000 feet in the air, without as much as an onion falling out of place.

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Cruising up to the very crest of the earth’s curvature, the kebab witnesses some stunning views of the void above, before crashing back down to earth and completing its epic two-hour voyage.

Pascal, who masterminded the Apollo-AYVERDIS mission, said, “Our new restaurant that we just opened in Wiedikon resembles a rocket, so we thought what better way to announce our new chain to the world than launching one of our kebabs into space. One of the most impressive things was to watch the kebab freeze. We are all very proud that we actually managed to pull this off – it took about three months to plan and film the kebab adventure.”

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Video Editor: Vivek Gupta

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