Was Rahul Gandhi’s Photo Really Displayed on the Burj Khalifa?
Was Rahul Gandhi’s Photo Really Displayed on the Burj Khalifa?
(Photo: Altered by The Quint)

Was Rahul Gandhi’s Photo Really Displayed on the Burj Khalifa?

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Ahead of Congress President Rahul Gandhi's visit to Dubai on 11 January, several Facebook pages have shared a video which shows the Gandhi scion's face being displayed on the enormous Burj Khalifa.

The message along with the video reads: "राहुल गाँधी के दुबई दौरे से पहले बुर्ज खलीफा पर राहुल गाँधी की तस्वीर का खूबसूरत नज़ारा | #RahulGandhi #Dubai
Rahul Gandhi’s pic displayed on Burj. Khalifa Dubai"

The video, shared by the page 'With Rahul Gandhi' had received over 30k views at the time of writing this article, and has in turn been shared by several other Congress fan pages like 'With Congress'.

(Photo Courtesy: Facebook screenshot)


While a reverse image search of key frames from the video yielded almost no results, the watermark in the top right corner provided some leads.

The watermark reads 'Biugo', which is a video maker and photo cutout app.

The app, interestingly, has a template for the Burj Khalifa, and allows users to superimpose any photos they might like on to the template, making it seem as though the photo has been displayed on the Burj Khalifa.

The Burj Khalifa template is listed under the ‘Interesting’ category in the Biugo app.&nbsp;
The Burj Khalifa template is listed under the ‘Interesting’ category in the Biugo app. 
(Photo: Screenshot from the Biugo app)

In our reverse image search, we found another video which was strikingly similar to the above video, carrying the Biugo watermark.

This video was shared on Twitter by a fan page dedicated to the Chinese boy band 'Nine Percent' and showed some Chinese characters being displayed on the Burj Khalifa, instead of Rahul Gandhi's picture, indicating that it had been made on the same app.


Incidentally, the Burj Khalifa had lit up with the colours of the Indian flag on 25 January 2017 to mark Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan's presence in the Indian Republic Day parade as a chief guest.

The building again lit up with the tricolour on 11 February 2018 to mark PM Narendra Modi's visit to the gulf nation.

On 2 October, the Burj Khalifa displayed Mahatma Gandhi's photo to mark the birth of the freedom fighter, and also to mark the International Day of Non-Violence.


The Congress president will be visiting Dubai and Abu Dhabi on a two-day trip on 11 and 12 January. The trip is expected to follow the lines of his previous overseas tour and will be organised by Sam Pitroda, the head of the Indian Overseas Congress.

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