‘Reality of Shaheen Bagh’: Videos Shared With Fake Claims Go Viral

A set of images are circulating with the claim that truth of women sitting in the protest of Shaheen Bagh is busted.

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Video Editor: Abhishek Sharma

Several videos claiming to ‘expose’ the truth of women sitting on protest in Shaheen Bagh and other states against CAA-NRC have gone viral.

One such video, uploaded on a page called ‘ModiNama’, received over 2,00,000 views and over 10,000 shares at the time of writing this piece.

शाहीन बाग धरने पर बैठे लोगों की ये है असलियत!

Posted by ModiNama on Thursday, January 23, 2020

An archived version of the video can be accessed here.

The Quint, too, received a query on the claim made about the videos. Let’s take a look at these videos one by one:


This video is being shared online to allege that it is the testimony of a young protester, who claims that women are being paid Rs 500 to protest against CAA-NRC in Lucknow.

An archived version of the post can be accessed here.

 Screenshot of the viral Facebook post.
Screenshot of the viral Facebook post.
(Source: Facebook/Screenshot)  

But on carefully examination of the video, we noticed a logo which read ‘Lucknow Live’ on the top-left corner.

‘Reality of Shaheen Bagh’: Videos Shared With Fake Claims Go Viral
(Source: Facebook/Screenshot)

Subsequently, we searched on YouTube for ‘Lucknow Live’ and came across their channel. We could find a longer version of this video on their channel in which the girl could be heard talking about Rizvi’s statement.

Evidently, the video has been carefully trimmed to claim that the protesters are themselves accepting that they are paid to oppose CAA.


This clip is being shared online with the claim that a fight broke out over biryani. It makes various other claims, including that the protesters at Shaheen Bagh have started quarreling over minor household issues.

An archived version of the post can be accessed here.

‘Reality of Shaheen Bagh’: Videos Shared With Fake Claims Go Viral
(Source: Facebook/Screenshot)

On fragmenting the video into several keyframes and then conducting a reverse image search, we came across a video that was published on the portal MyNation in January 2019.

‘Reality of Shaheen Bagh’: Videos Shared With Fake Claims Go Viral
(Source: MyNation/Screenshot)

According to this video, the two women were on their two-wheelers when they purportedly rammed into each other. After the accident, the two got into an argument which escalated into a major fight.

The Quint also got in touch with Shuddhatam Jain, a local who runs a shop in Bhopal’s Chowk Bazaar area, to corroborate the information. Jain told us that the incident had taken place in the market and that the two women had fought over a petty issue.


The clip is doing rounds on social media with the claim that people are singing ‘Jinnah wali azadi’ and that slogans were raised by ‘Left terrorists’ at Shaheen Bagh.

Although the protesters denied raising any such slogans, The Quint has not been able to independently verify the veracity of the claims made.

An archived version of the post can be seen<a href="http://archive.is/vYUSh"> here</a>.
An archived version of the post can be seen here.
(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

A Twitter account in the name of Shaheen Bagh Official, which is operated by the organisers of the protest, issued a statement regarding this video, claiming that the video is being shared to discredit the protests.

Thus the videos being shared with respect to the Shaheen Bagh Protests are old and out of context. Two of the three videos are old and cropped in a way that maligns the protests happening in Shaheen Bagh.

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