‘Never Thought of CM Post, Will Always Be Party Head’: Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth had announced his entry into politics in 2017. Last week, he met with district secretaries of his party.

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Actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth said he has “never been interested to be a chief minister” and that he “will always be a head of the party”.

It has been more than two years since Rajinikanth made an ambiguous announcement about his entry into politics and on Thursday, 12 March, all eyes were on the star to make a ‘significant political announcement.’

Biggest takeaway you ask? Well, the actor has clarified that he does not intend to contest in polls and does not eye any position of power that includes the chief minister’s chair. He, however, will continue to head the party.

“I have never thought of the chief minister’s post. I only want a change in politics... If change in politics and government does not happen now, it will never happen.”
Rajinikanth, Actor

The actor took to Twitter on 14 March to tweet that this is the right time for a change in the government and the party.

This announcement comes amid rumours that he will officially launch his party in April. Back in December 2017, he had told that his party will contest in 2021 Assembly polls but he hasn’t said much about it since then.

Last Thursday, he had met with the district secretaries of his political grouping.

You can listen to Rajinikanth’s entire speech here.

‘A Young Educated Person Will Head the State’

He explained how he has “never been interested to be a chief minister.” He added that the person who will be chosen to be head of the state will be a “young, educated and smart person who is keen to take the state forward.”

He told that many might call him a coward for making such a statement, especially when the party has not even been officially launched. But he said he wanted to make things clear to the party and people who believe in him.

He even played a clip from his announcement back in 2017 to point out that he never meant to mislead people. “If I wanted to contest for becoming a chief minister, I could've got the chance in 1996. When I didn't want to be CM at the age of 45, why would I think of this at the age of 65? Then would my spiritual politics be meaningful?” he said in the clip.

“Back in 1996, so many people including people from the prime minister’s office asked me to contest for becoming the CM... even when Chidambaram, Cho, a lot of people asked, I refused.”

‘Rajinikanth Will Be the Bridge for Making All This Happen’

Rajinikanth explained his three schemes for the working of his party.

One, was to include ground-level leaders who will work for the party to win the confidence of the people. However, if there are people amongst this who could later use their position to make themselves richer, they will be cut off.

Two, 65% of the people in positions of power should be below the age of 50 and must be well-educated and have a good reputation in their localities. The rest 35% will be experienced people.

“There are many former IAS and IPS officers who should be leading us. I am going to go door to door to ask these people to help me change the system.”

Three, as already mentioned, the head of the state and chief ministerial candidate will be different people. Noting that his role will be that of a CEO post.

He justified saying this was because in several parties, even when the cadre have an issue with the functioning of the government, they can’t take it up with the party because it is headed by the same person.

The primary goal of the party would be ‘to change the system.’

“I had told that if the system is not changed there is no point changing leaders. It’s like trying to make sweet pongal in a pan where we have cooked fish curry.”

And the actor said he will serve to be ‘the bridge for making all this happen.’


‘Perfect Time to Create a Movement’

Rajinikanth then went on to make a few sweeping statements about the power of the two major Dravidian parties in the state. He talked about how it was important to start a movement to win against the 'asura balam' (demonic power) of DMK and AIADMK in Tamil Nadu.

“During elections so far, 30 percent of the votes were for DMK, but 70 percent was for Karunanidhi. The same way, 30 percent of votes was for AIADMK but 70 percent of the votes was for Jayalalithaa Amma. But now, with both stalwarts no more, this is the perfect timing for us to step in. This is the time to create a movement,” he said.

He urged media persons to take the message forward, and to tell people to vote wisely.

Commenting on the present state of these two parties, he added, “On the one side, he (Stalin) has to prove his legacy. They have legacy, money power, strength in terms of cadre. On the other side, (with AIADMK), they have the government and the power of the treasury. In between these two, is us, with whatever support we have garnered from the cinema world.”

He pointed out that this was the perfect time for people to understand and consider an alternative in Tamil Nadu politics.

“Media, you need to educate people. I am not 40 or 50. I am 71. If you don’t accept what I’m saying now, how will you accept in five years? I need to see the revolution then I’ll come to politics.”

“I want to use the confidence love and respect I've earned in the last many years in cinema to make this happen,” he added.


At the end of the press conference, the actor refused to take any questions. “If I begin to take your questions, then it will dilute all that I just talked about and that is something I don’t wish for,” saying so he swiftly walked out of the hall.

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