Rafale, Mahamilavat Govt & Jobs: PM Modi Goes All Out Against Cong

Rafale, Mahamilavat Govt & Jobs: PM Modi Goes All Out Against Cong


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Replying to the motion of thanks on the President’s address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday, 7 February, went all out against the Opposition in Lok Sabha.

In an hour-and-a-half-long speech against Congress and its allies, PM Modi touched up on various allegations raised against the Bhartiya Janata party (BJP) in the past. The Prime Minister said that those who had imposed Emergency and “bullied” the judiciary and the Indian Army were accusing him of destroying institutions.

“Congress insults the army and calls the Army Chief a gunda (thug) but it is Modi who is destroying institutions? Congress leaders create stories that Indian Army is planning a coup but it is Modi who is destroying institutions,” the PM questioned.

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‘Pot Calling The Kettle Black’

The prime minister began his address by saying that while criticising the BJP-led government, opposition parties had succumbed to criticising the nation. He also claimed that the Congress had insulted the Indian Army and destroyed institutions.

“Talk about pot calling the kettle black. In 1959, when Congress was in power, they dismissed the Communist government in Kerala. After 60 years, I hope my friends from Kerala remember. So what sanctity? What respect of institutions (is the Opposition talking about)?”
Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

Earlier on Thursday, Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge had accused the Modi government of weakening constitutional bodies. He had also alleged that the BJP was using probe agencies against rivals and inflating figures to mislead people about its work.

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PM’s 'Before Congress' and 'After Dynasty' Jibe

Hitting out at Congress over ‘dynasty politics’, Modi said that the Opposition party only sees 'BC' as 'Before Congress' and 'AD' as 'After Dynasty'.

“Our friends in the Congress see things in two time periods. BC, which is ‘Before Congress’, when nothing happened, and the other is AD – ‘After Dynasty’ – where everything happened,” he said.

Congress Doesn't Want Air Force to be Strong: PM on Rafale Deal

The PM hit back at the Congress over the Rafale issue, which has been repeatedly raised by Congress chief Rahul Gandhi. Modi said:

“Congress doesn’t want our Air Force to be strong, I am levelling a serious allegation here. You want this Rafale deal to be cancelled. On whose behest? For which company? In our neighbourhood, everyone is building war capabilities, why didn’t we do it in all these years? This is criminal negligence. Congress doesn’t want a strong Indian Air Force.”
Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

People Don't Want a Mahamilavat Govt of Opposition Parties

Modi further took potshots at attempts to cobble a grand alliance of opposition parties to take on the BJP. The prime minister claimed that people do not want a "mahamilavat" (highly adulterated) government as they have seen how the NDA government, which has a majority, can deliver.

“People have seen the work a government with an absolute majority can do. They have seen our work. They do not want a ‘Mahamilavat’ government of those who recently gathered in Kolkata.”
Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

The PM’s remark referred to the ‘United India’ rally held by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee last month, which saw leaders from across political parties in attendance.

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Countering Allegations On High Unemployment

Countering the Opposition’s allegations over unemployment, PM Modi said:

“In the last four years, 6.35 lakh new professionals have come up. You think if a doctor opens a clinic or a nursing home, then he will employ only one person? Or does a CA only employ one person? No.”
Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

The PM also said that between September 2017 and November 2018, approximately 1 crore 80 lakh people had started getting money under the provident fund scheme for the first time. “Among them, 64 percent are below 28 years,” he said. Crores of houses are being made, doesn’t that give employment, he asked. Crores of houses are being made, doesn’t that give employment, he asked.

Earlier on 11 January, a report published by Business Standard citing the National Sample Survey Office’s (NSSO) periodic labour force survey (PLFS) stated that India’s unemployment rate was at a 45-year high of 6.1 percent during 2017-18.

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PM Helped Anil Ambani Steal Rs 30,000 Crore: Cong Hits Back

Congress was quick to react to Modi’s speech in the Lok Sabha, pointing out how the PM had dodged press conferences, and not addressed other issues such as Rafale probe and jobs data.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi said on Thursday:

“The Prime Minister has helped steal Rs 30,000 crore from the defence forces. He has handed that money to Anil Ambani. He has done it personally.”
Rahul Gandhi

The debate on the motion of thanks began on 6 February following President Ram Nath Kovind’s address on the first day of the Budget session on 31 January. The BJP had earlier issued whip to its MPs, asking them to attend parliamentary proceedings on Thursday.

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