‘Test For Caste in Newsrooms’: Twitter on Dalit Protest Coverage
Dalit leaders protest against Ravidas temple demolition.
Dalit leaders protest against Ravidas temple demolition.(Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Bhim Army)

‘Test For Caste in Newsrooms’: Twitter on Dalit Protest Coverage

Dalit protesters thronged Jantar Mantar on Wednesday, 21 August, to raise their voice against the demolition of Ravidas temple in Delhi’s Tughlakabad. The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) had demolished the temple on 10 August on the orders of the Supreme Court.

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The protests have taken a violent turn over rumours that a protester was shot, with police resorting to lathi-charge.

Meanwhile, the issue sparked a national debate on social media, with many (politically linked or otherwise) taking to Twitter to express their dismay at the temple’s demolition.

Some also pointed out how there was little to no coverage of the huge gathering at Jantar Mantar in mainstream media.

The gathering in the national capital saw the presence of Delhi's Social Justice Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam, Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad and spiritual leaders from the community. Leaders from several opposition parties including AAP, INC, CMI (M) etc also tweeted in support of the Dalit protest.

The Supreme Court on Monday, 19 August, had said that its orders on the Ravidas temple issue cannot be given a "political colour".

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