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Support The Quint’s NRC Coverage


The final list of Assam’s National Register of Citizens (NRC) was released on Saturday, 31 August. The list left 19,06,657 people out of the citizens’ register, with about 3.11 crore labelled as eligible.

What will happen to those who did not make it to the list? How many can eventually ‘prove’ their nationality? Or will they end up losing their Indian citizenship and be branded ‘illegal’?

Through explainers, short documentaries, and ground reports, we at The Quint aim to bring you in-depth coverage of Assam’s NRC Story.

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In-depth coverage, like in the case of the NRC, involves extensive travel, equipment, stringers, and other resources — all of which adds up to a substantial cost. For our NRC project, we have invested around INR 3,20,000.

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“Sometimes the lines get blurred between one’s professional and personal experiences. The Assam NRC is one such story. As a journalist, I have been reporting extensively on the NRC. At the same time, as a resident of Assam, my family members and I had to prove our Indian citizenship to the government. My personal experience with the NRC helped me to report objectively on the process and record the experiences of those affected by it. I have tried to give a perspective which is deeply observational, empathetic, and strong on facts.”
Tridip Mandal, Senior Reporter

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