Sex, Drugs, Black Magic: Reham Khan’s Book On Imran Has It All
Reham Khan (left) was married to cricketer and politician Imran Khan (right) from January 2015 to October 2015. 
Reham Khan (left) was married to cricketer and politician Imran Khan (right) from January 2015 to October 2015. (Photo: Canva/The Quint)

Sex, Drugs, Black Magic: Reham Khan’s Book On Imran Has It All

(Photo: Canva/The Quint)

Former cricketer, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and Prime Ministerial Candidate- Imran Khan, has a bit of trouble brewing for him in the heat of his ex-wife, former journalist Reham Khan’s new book, which reportedly portrays him as a man who led a life of “sex, drugs and alcohol”.

Reham, who had married Imran in January 2015 and divorced him in October of the same year, in her autobiography speaks about her ex-husband having confessed to having several illegitimate children, to believing in black magic, and also how his party, PTI, had practically bought a large portion of the Pakistani media.

Reham’s book containing all the scandalous details about Imran’s life certainly raises questions about his candidacy for the hot seat of Pakistan’s Prime Minister.

Reham has also faced severe criticism from members of the PTI and other parties for conveniently releasing the book right before the elections, with some even alleging that she was conspiring with PTI’s rival, the Nawaz Sharif-led Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) party.

Here are a few excerpts from her autobiography, which released on Thursday, 12 July.

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Political Influences

(Photo: Canva/The Quint)

In her book, Reham states that these were the first lines she had ever told Imran, back before they were even married.

Sexual Liasons

(Photo: Canva/The Quint)

Reham reveals that Imran had several sexual liaisons with several female leaders in PTI and had read explicit messages from Andaleeb Abbas and Uzma Kardar while she was still married to the former cricketer.

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She also speaks about how he would often boast about the several “sexual encounters” that he had had before her, adding that his thrill for “sexting” was well-known within the Lahore circles.

Drug Abuse

(Photo: Canva/The Quint)

Shockingly, Reham states that Imran had a massive drug problem and when she had confronted him about the same while they were married, he had assured her that it wasn’t anything serious and that she had nothing to worry about.

According to Reham, Imran was also a believer of black magic, and she had walked into him carrying out some “strange” practices, which he claimed were at the behest of several pirs or spiritual leaders who “guided him”.

“On a day in November, I’d walk into the bedroom to find my new husband lying naked on a white sheet, rubbing kaali daal (black lentils) all over himself...I stood there in shock. Imran explained that Ahad, his brother-in-law, had brought a man with him who had recommended the treatment, because he believed someone had done some black magic on Imran,” an excerpt from her book reads.

She adds that when she questioned him about “ridiculous” practices such as these (and there were a few!) that he carried out on the word of his pir, he simply replied that through these, the “curse would be lifted” off him.

Illegitimate Children

(Photo: Canva/The Quint)

While speaking about Tyrian White, Imran’s illegitimate daughter with British heiress Sita White, Imran had apparently revealed to Reham that he had several others with women from across the world, including a few in India.

First Wife, Jemima

(Photo: Canva/The Quint)

Reham also mentions Imran’s first wife, Jemima Khan, in her book and speaks about how he had told her that she was a difficult woman to be married to, that she had several rumoured affairs and that they would often encounter physical abuse at the hands of the other.

PTI & Media Control

(Photo: Canva/The Quint)

Speaking about how Imran and his party had exercised considerable influence on several leading media houses in Pakistan, Reham claimed that even in the organisations that he had “officially” boycotted, there were “plants” who worked as pro-PTI voices. Some of these names included Tahir A Khan of News One, Zafar Siddiqui of Samaa and the head of Pakistan’s only media ratings agency Medialogic, Salman Danish, who she said was a permanent fixture at Bani Gala.

She also mentions that when Imran would speak about his future as the possible Prime Minister to Pakistan, she had given him Indian Prime Minister Modi’s example, saying that he had been voted to power despite having “radical views”.

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