QAhmedabad: Gujarat Cuts MVA Traffic Fines; 2 Days of Heavy Rain
Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani announced the new traffic fines in a press conference held on Tuesday, 10 September
Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani announced the new traffic fines in a press conference held on Tuesday, 10 September(Photo: PTI)

QAhmedabad: Gujarat Cuts MVA Traffic Fines; 2 Days of Heavy Rain

1. Gujarat Govt Prefers Lenient Approach, Reduces Fines Under MV

The BJP-ruled Gujarat government on Tuesday 10 September, announced a drastic cut in the penalties for traffic violations even as the Centre is justifying the steep fine amounts under the amended Motor Vehicles (MV) Act.

In some cases the reduction in the state is as steep as Rs 1,000 from Rs 10,000. On 31 July, Parliament passed the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019. But some states, especially those ruled by non-BJP parties, have opposed its stringent provisions and not implemented them yet.

The amended Central MV Act provides for a fine of Rs 1,000 for driving a two-wheeler without helmet; in Gujarat the fine will be Rs 500, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced here. The penalty for the offence in the state, currently, is a mere Rs 100.

While the Central law has proposed a fine of Rs 1,000 for pillion rider not wearing helmet, this provision will not be implemented at all in Gujarat, Rupani said.

(Source: Times of India)

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2. Heavy Rainfall in State to Continue for Two More Days

A high-rise building in South Bopal locality of Ahmedabad city was damaged after it was struck by lightning on Tuesday morning, even as most parts of the state were battered by rain on Tuesday, 10 September.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecast continued very heavy rainfall in almost all parts of the state on Wednesday 11 September and Thursday 12 September.

In Ahmedabad, residents of the high rise said it was the second time in the past four days that lightning had caused damage to the building. On Tuesday, a few vehicles parked on the ground floor of the building were damaged by debris falling from the uppermost floors.

Meanwhile, Gujarat has already recorded 113.5 per cent average rainfall this monsoon season, with 149 mm rainfall received during the month of September, rains lashed most parts of the state covering the southern, central, northern and Saurashtra regions of the state Tuesday.

(Source: Indian Express)

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3. Guj Tobacco Farmers, Trade Reps of ENDS Protest Ordinance to Ban E-Cigarettes

Associations of Gujarat tobacco farmers and merchants on Tuesday, 10 September backed the demand made by trade representatives of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), including e-cigarettes, seeking a review of the government's decision to bring an ordinance to ban such "alternative" smoking devices.

The Union Health ministry is working on an ordinance to ban the production, import, distribution and sale of electronic cigarettes and has proposed jail term for violaters.

While the move was welcomed by public health groups and doctors, the voluntary association of Trade Representatives of ENDS in India (TRENDS) comprising importers, distributors and marketers of alternative smoking devices accused the Centre of ignoring the "opinions of stakeholders".

(Source: Business Standard)

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4. AMC Engages College Students to Tackle Vector-Borne Diseases

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has decided to engage up to 1,000 college-going students as volunteers to help the urban local body tackle vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue and chikungunya, by lending a hand in better identifying the process of mosquito breeding.

An AMC press release said that the volunteers have been tasked with inspecting homes to check for mosquito breeding sites and destroying any that are found.

The volunteers have gone through a one-on-one interview at the zonal offices of respective zones on 3 September, before being inducted for the project. By 7 September, volunteers from all zones underwent training on vector-borne disease and how to control the spread of these diseases.

As of 9 September, 724 volunteers were engaged across zones to detect and destroy breeding sites. Volunteers visited 32,179 homes where upto 89,143 water sites were inspected and in 3,391 homes, breeding sites were found and destroyed.

(Source: Indian Express)

5. AMC Constructs Furrows for Idol Immersion

Ahead of Ganesh idol immersion, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has constructed 61 furrows along the banks of the Sabarmati river, in a bid to avoid polluting the river. The Sabarmati had recently been marked for a clean-up drive, which the AMC has targeted to complete by 2 October.

In a video message to residents of Ahmedabad, posted on Twitter on Monday, Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra said, “To ensure that the Sabarmati river is not polluted, we have constructed over 61 holy immersion furrows. I request you all to not immerse even one idol in the river, and help us keep the city and environment clean and healthy.”

(Source: Indian Express)

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