Hindustan Turning Into Lynchistan: Oppn Hits Out at Govt in LS
The Indian parliament building in New Delhi. 
The Indian parliament building in New Delhi. 

Hindustan Turning Into Lynchistan: Oppn Hits Out at Govt in LS


  • Union Minister Kiren Rijiju said that the BJP government should not be blamed for started the trend of mob lynchings
  • BJP’s Hukumdev Yadav claimed that a majority of the Muslims in the country are Hindu descendants
  • “Are you aiming for Muslim-mukt Bharat?” TMC leader Saugata Roy asked PM Modi during Lok Sabha discussion on mob lynching and mob violence
  • Congress’ Mallikarjun Kharge led the Opposition’s charge on the issue, questioning PM Modi’s inaction on the series of mob lynching incidents
  • In response, BJP Leader Hukmdev Narayan Yadav said that PM Modi had already condemned mob lynching and that states should maintain peace
  • Meanwhile, RS was briefly adjourned after Congress created ruckus over the alleged kidnapping of MLAs in Gujarat

Kiren Rijiju's Defends PM Modi on Issue of Mob Lynchings

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju responded to the Oppositions allegations of mob lynchings against the PM Modi-led government.

Our Prime Minister has been the first to condemn mob lynchings. I have told you all the data and this has been going on for years under the rule of Congress, Samajwadi Party and other parties. No leader has made this an issue earlier, so how can you blame our government for having started the trend of mob lynching?
Kiren Rijiju

On the topic of freedom of expression, he added:

If you speak ill of the nation in the name of freedom of expression, we will not tolerate it. 

Rijiju also addressed accusations against the BJP regarding the rise in cases of violence against the average man under its rule.

We unanimously condemn the cases of violence in this country. We want to maintain law and order. But you constantly accuse us of jeopardising the atmosphere in India. Does it get jeopardised by saying Bharat Mata ki jai, or by supporting Afzal Guru? Does it get jeopardised by respecting the army or by calling the Army Chief ‘sadhak ka gunda’?
Kiren Rijiju

Defending PM Modi further, he said:

Our PM made his intentions clear on the first day itself. And that development is the only solution. When you attack his reputation, you attack the reputation of the country.

After Rijiju wrapped up his speech, the House was adjourned until 11 am on Tuesday.

Our Fight is Against Hindutva, Not Hinduism: Owaisi

“As long Modi government continues to be in power, mob lynchings will continue. Is cow protection an essential part of Hinduism? If it is, then the Supreme Court should deliver a verdict on it. Lynchers are not any different from terrorists, why doesn't the government take action against them?,” Asaduddin Owaisi asked in the Lok Sabha.

He added that their fight is against Hindutva, not Hinduism.

He further questioned Prime Minister Modi on why he can go to Israel and hug the 26/11 attacks child survivor Moshe, but can’t go to Akhlaq’s family and meet them.

Majority of Muslims in India are Descendants of Hindus: Hukumdev Yadav

Majority of Muslims in India are descendants of Hindus, BJP’s Hukumdev Naryan Yadav claimed in the Lok Sabha, while asking both the communities to respect each other's sentiment.

Participating in a debate on lynchings, Hukumdev Narayan Yadav slammed the opposition for targeting the central government over incidents of lynching, saying Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly come out strongly against such acts.

He raised the issue of killing of RSS workers in Kerala, which is ruled by the Left Front government. Yadav asserted that the responsibility of containing mob violence is that of the state government.

"End Violence in Your Family First," Says Mulayam

Talking about mob violence in the country, SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav on Monday urged parliamentarians and the country to first end violence in their families.

“There is a lot of violence against women in the country. We need to end that first,” he said.

"Most of the Cows in Our Country are Jersey Cows, Hence Not our Mothers"

Condemning mob lynchings in the name of “gau raksha” in the country, BJD leader Tathagata Satpathy asserted that anybody who does not think that people who are getting killed in this kind of violence are not precious, is a criminal.

Talking about the state of cows in the country, he said: “Gau rakshaks are not aware of the fact that most cows running around in the countryside are Jersey cows. They are not our mothers. Can you not recognise your own mother?”

"PM Modi Only Speaks of Government": Ram Vilas Paswan

Blaming the INC for not taking about corruption or development, Ram Vilas Paswan said,

The so-called cow vigilantism issue is the only issue that is keeping you in relevance.

“Maintaining law and order is the responsibility of the state government,” he added.

Further adding that there hasn’t been a state that has been spared off mob violence, he questioned if the Opposition wanted the Centre to send a force every time such an incident happens.

He further said that “PM Modi has never mentioned Babri Masjid or Ayodhya or Article 370. He only speaks of development”. He further targeted the CPI and asked why the killing of 6 people during its rule was not called mob lynching.

"Are You Aiming for a Muslim-mukt Bharat?"

All India Trinamool Congress leader Prof Saugata Roy points out that 97 percent of bovine-related violence between 2010-2017 have occurred after PM Modi came into power. Of these incidents, 86 percent of bovine-related violence has been targeted at Muslims.

Are you aiming for Muslim-mukt Bharat? What is happening here is Muslim targeted killings.

Cow-related killings are all targeted killings, he further claimed. "The VHP, Bajrang Dal are monkeys of the ruling party,” he alleged.

His statement was refuted with cries of “unparliamentary” and "condemnable’ from the ruling parties. Slamming Roy’s claims, Minister SS Ahluwalia called for the former’s expunging over his comments.

"Were the Anti-Sikh Riots not Lynchings?": Yadav

Speaking at the debate, BJP Leader Hukmdev Narayan Yadav said,

Were the Anti-Sikh riots not lynchings?... I thank PM Modi for trying to curb these atrocities. These problems have been created by you, your previous government.  

He urged both sides to discuss and arrive at a solution to the problems arising out of lynchings.

Lok Sabha Resumes, Presided by Dty Speaker

The Lok Sabha has resumed session after lunch. This session will be presided by Deputy Speaker Dr M Thambidurai.

BJP Leader Hukmdev Narayan Yadav has been given five minutes to conclude his argument.

Lok Sabha Adjourned

The Lok Sabha has been adjourned till 2.15 pm.

"What about Ayub Pandit?"

(Photo: LSTV)

Laying the NDA-government’s arguments, BJP Leader Hukmdev Narayan Yadav said,

Mob lynching will not be tolerated. PM has already said that it is wrong, now the states should obey his order, and maintain peace. 

He further questioned the Opposition as to why the lynching of DSP Ayub Pandith was not worth mentioning. Citing ‘unity in diversity’, he urged that all religions should co-exist together and refrain from linking lynching incidents to religion.

The Junaid incident was a fight over a train seat, why are you linking it with religion? What about Kerala?

Ananth Kumar Invokes Rule 352

Blaming Kharge for citing Former President Pranab Mukherjee, Ananth Kumar, Minister of Parliament Affairs said,

President’s name cannot be used to influence a debate according to Rule 352. Kharge shouldn’t have used former President Mukherjee’s name.  

Taking into congnizance Kumar’s argument, Speaker Mahajan once again urged Kharge to conclude his session.

Speaker Urges Kharge to Conclude

Saying that Kharge has overshot his time of 10 minutes, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan asked Kharge to conclude his session.

The Speaker has allotted a period of two hours for the debate.

Kharge Rakes Up Junaid Lynching Case

Citing Junaid’s case, Kharge said,

He came to Delhi to Shop for Eid, but was lynched to death. No one questioned this, and everyone is taking law into their hands. I request government to list how many gau rakshaks they have arrested, and what lawful action they’ve taken. You have not taken any action, which is why there is such a rise in incidence. No action is being taken, and is instead being encouraged.

He also alleged that the government was working against all minorities.

Speaker Mahajan Urges Calm as LS Erupts

“All of us are answerable to everyone. We will have to all stay within limits, and not take any names”, said Speaker Sumitra Mahajan as both sides in Lok Sabha erupted into an uproar.

Kharge Blames Modi Govt for 'Encouraging' Lynching

Speaking at the Lok Sabha, Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge raised the issue of mob lynching and other atrocities associated with mob violence.

Blaming the NDA government, he said,

Government is indirectly encouraging groups like the VHP, Bajrang Dal and also Gau rakshaks

He also said that the country was reeling under fear arising out of mob violence, that is slowly spiraling out of hand.

He also brought out various instances of lynching around the country, to which BJP leader Nishkant Dubey retaliated by saying that many of the case cited by Kharge were pending in the court against IPC Section 352.

Rajya Sabha Adjourned till 11.40 am, Resumes Session

After a 10-minute adjournment, the Rajya Sabha has resumed session with the beginning of the Zero Hour.

The Upper House of the Parliament was adjourned over the uproar caused after Congress creates ruckus over alleged kidnapping of MLAs by police in Gujarat.

The Speaker has requested Congress Leader Anand Sharma to give notice, taking into cognizance that the government is ready for discussion.

Question Hour Begins

Day 11 of the Lok Sabha begins at the Parliament House, as elected leaders from parties gather for the monsoon session. According to sources, the question hour has resumed.

The Congress leader further added that his party would not raise the issue of the suspension of six of its members if the House took up the lynching issue for discussion.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar sought to make it clear that the government has always been ready for debate on all issues including the alleged mob-lynchings.

On Monday, Congress members tore and flung papers on the Chair and raised slogans during zero hour against the government. After the Lok Sabha witnessed uproar, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan had suspended six Congress MPs for five days citing unruly behaviour.

The suspended MPs are Gourav Gogoi, K Suresh, Adhiranjan Chowdhary, Ranjeet Ranjan, Sushmita Dev and MK Raghwan.

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The Lok Sabha will hold discussion on the situation arising out of lynchings and mob violence in the country today. The session is scheduled to begin at 11:00 am.

The Opposition and the government were engaged in a fierce battle in the Lok Sabha on Thursday with each side attacking the other.

Accusing the government of being in deep slumber, the Opposition members demanded Prime Minister Narendra Modi's presence to discuss the incidents of lynching in the name of cow protection.

“If it could not be taken under Rule 193, it could have been taken under rules 56 and 57 or under an adjournment motion. But the government is sleeping,” Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge told Speaker Sumitra Mahajan to which the BJP benches embroiled in protest.