Delhi HC Seeks CBI Response on Chidambaram’s Bail Plea in 7 Days

Former Union minister P Chidambaram is facing probe for alleged corruption involving INX media.

Updated12 Sep 2019, 06:17 AM IST
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The Delhi HC on Thursday, 12 September sought CBI to file status report within seven days in the bail application filed by former Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram. Meanwhile, Chidambaram also withdrew his plea in HC challenging trial court's order remanding him to judicial custody till 19 September.

The Supreme Court, on Thursday 5 September, denied an anticipatory bail to P Chidambaram in the case registered by the Enforcement Directorate, after the ED produced the materials collected by it to the court in a sealed cover.

  • The CBI has sent judicial requests to five countries in the INX media case — UK, Mauritius, Bermuda, Singapore, Switzerland
  • Kapil Sibal will submit a rejoinder to ED’s counter-affidavit on Tuesday
  • The hearing on Chidambaram’s bail plea against ED will resume at 12 noon on Tuesday
6:17 AM, 12 Sep

Chidambaram Withdraws Challenge to Remand

Chidambaram withdraws his plea in HC challenging trial court's order remanding him to judicial custody till 19 September.

6:05 AM, 12 Sep

Delhi HC Seeks CBI Response in Chidambaram's Bail Plea

Delhi HC seeks CBI's response on P Chidambaram's plea seeking bail in INX Media corruption case.

7:01 AM, 09 Sep

No Answer to Questions on Why I Have Been Arrested: Chidambaram

On Monday, 9 September, Chidambaram via his Twitter account said that he is not able to answer when people ask him why he has been arrested, while the officers who involved are free. He also said that none of the officers have done anything wrong and he wants nobody to be arrested.

5:14 AM, 05 Sep

SC Refuses Anticipatory Bail to Chidambaram

The Supreme Court, on Thursday 5 September, denied an anticipatory bail to P Chidambaram in the case registered by the Enforcement Directorate, after the Enforcement Directorate (ED) produced the materials collected by it to the court in a sealed cover. The court said that the investigating agency will be exposing the evidence by producing it before the accused first.

"Production of transcripts of the accused's interrogation is within the domain of the investigating officer," the Court said.

The SC bench also said that Anticipatory bail cannot be granted as a matter of right.

It said that the grant of anticipatory bail at initial stages may hinder with the ongoing investigations.

“We are of the view that this is not a fit case for grant of anticipatory bail.”
Supreme Court Bench
3:24 PM, 26 Aug

Chidambaram's Plea Against CBI Remand Listed for Tuesday

Chidambaram's appeal against the CBI court order granting his remand to the investigating agency, has been listed for hearing on Tuesday. The matter will be heard after Chidambaram’s petition against ED is heard.

11:46 AM, 26 Aug

CBI Court Extends Chidambaram's Custody

CBI court on Monday extended P Chidambaram's custody till 30 August.

11:21 AM, 26 Aug

CBI Court Reserves Order on Further Remand

CBI Rouse Avenue court has reserved the order on application of the agency seeking further remand of P Chidambaram.

10:33 AM, 26 Aug

Chidambaram's Interim Protection from Arrest By ED to Continue

The SC on Monday, 26 August, decided that Chidambaram's interim protection from arrest by ED will continue till Tuesday. The court proceedings are set to resume on Tuesday after Sibal submits a rejoinder to ED's counter-affidavit.

Sibal concluded on Monday by submitting two judgments of the Supreme Court which, he said, establish that ‘anticipatory bail cannot be rejected mechanically by a judge, without application of mind.’

10:22 AM, 26 Aug

Sibal Questions ED's 'Tampering With Evidence' Claim

Kapil Sibal on Monday questioned how the ED's counter-affidavit claims there is apprehension of tampering with evidence by Chidambaram if he is not in custody.

He also said that the allegations are related to offshore bank accounts and companies and it's not possible for Chidambaram to do anything.

10:13 AM, 26 Aug

Sibal Counters ED's Claim That Chidambaram Has Been Evasive

On the claim that Chidambaram has been evasive during the interrogation in the INX Media case, his advocate Kapil Sibal said that the ED needs to show this using case transcripts.

"He has been questioned by ED thrice, never asked questions about the allegations in the counter," Sibal said.

10:11 AM, 26 Aug

Sibal Questions ED's Claims of Shell Companies Being Set Up

Going through the ED's counter-affidavit filed against Chidambaram's bail petition, Sibal said on Monday that claims about shell companies and payments made in it weren't recorded before the Delhi High Court.

He also said that the ED has to show all the numerous bank accounts supposedly set up for the shell companies and confidantes of Chidambaram and the connection these have with him and the INX Media case.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, meanwhile, insisted that he will do so.

10:06 AM, 26 Aug

Chidambaram's Son, Wife Present in Court

Chidambaram’s son Karti and wife Nalini were present in the Supreme Court.

9:56 AM, 26 Aug

Sibal Objects to 'Procedural Issues', Mentioning of Aircel Maxis Case

Objecting to SG Tushar Mehta producing case diary, Sibal says that it should have been put before him first.

"These are the procedural issues that need to be addressed in a case which involves personal liberty," he said.

Sibal also objetcs to the mentioning of Aircel Maxis case in the HC judgment. "Now what has that case got to do with this matter," Sibal says.

9:43 AM, 26 Aug

Case Diary or Notes? Kapil Sibal, Tushar Mehta Spar Over HC Judgment

Kapil Sibal, on the Delhi HC Judgment said that it is a word to to word copy of the Solicitor General's notes. Mehta, in retalliation, said that he did not know where the note was from and that it was not on the record.

“What is the application of mind of the Judge when certain paragraphs are a word for word, comma for comma copy of the note submitted by the SG?”
Kapil Sibal

“These are not documents, these are conclusions. How can a decision of the High Court be based on such conclusions?,” Sibal further asked.

"We have not filed this note. We have placed case diaries", Mehta said after seeing the note.

9:26 AM, 26 Aug

Singhvi Arrives at Delhi Court for Chidambaram's Bail Plea Hearing

Congress lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi arrived at Delhi's Rouse Avenue Court for P Chidambaram's bail hearing. The hearing is over Chidambaram's CBI custody, which ends today. The hearing will determine if the former finance minister stays in CBI custody or not.

9:22 AM, 26 Aug

Arrest Makes a Person Guilty in People's Eyes: Sibal Argues

Kapil Sibal, arguing for Chidambaram, said that arresting a person just makes people believe he is guilty.

“It destroys a man, that is what is happening here.”
Kapil Sibal
8:56 AM, 26 Aug

Karti Didn't Use Father's Influence to Get FIPB Approval: Sibal

Kapil Sibal, while reading out the charges put forth by the ED, said that the case of Karti Chidambaram using P Chidambaram's influence to get public servants to secure ex-post facto FIPB approvals for the downstream investment in INX media are baseless, since the six public servants have been examined and none of them said that Karti Chidambaram approached them.

Statements of these officers are also part of the attachment proceedings where they have said that Karti never approached them, Sibal said.

Their (ED's) case talks about Advantage Strategies but Karti is neither a Director of the company, nor a shareholder, he said.

7:31 AM, 26 Aug

'Do You Have a Twitter Account': Sibal Questions the Quality of Interrogation

Kapil Sibal, while arguing about the way the case has been handled by the court and authorities, also questioned the interrogation on the basis of evidence procured. He said Chidambaram was asked if he had a twitter account during the interrogation.

7:10 AM, 26 Aug

Arguments Over 'Leaked Documents' in a Sealed Cover

While hearing the Special Leave Petition filed in relation to the cases filed by ED, Chidambaram's counsel objected to the way in which the Delhi HC relied on notes provided by CBI and ED when denying P Chidambaram an anticipatory bail. Kapil Sibal said that P Chidambaram was not aware of any such documents/notes. He further said that case diaries cannot constitute evidence.

"It can't be that they (ED) will hand over any documents they want to the Court without making us privy to the contents," Sibal argued.

Sibal further alleged that the counter affidavit that they were about to file was leaked to the press. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta opposed this argument. He said that they did not leak the affidavit. It was leaked after it was served to P Chidambaram, Mehta said.

Sibal even went on the accuse his opponents of leaking the affidavit to the media.

The SC said that it will take a look at the documents in the sealed cover during lunchtime. Sibal, opposing this, said that there is no procedure in law by which investigating agencies can give documents in this manner.

He further read out from another judgment that the court is "forbidden" from using case diaries as evidence. Sibal even argued on Article 21, saying that liberty cannot be denied to a person without due procedure of law.

He further said that if there was some material like that and it surfaced between the time the FIR was filed and Chidambaram was arrested, the ED should have summoned and interrogated Chidambaram. They cannot spring it on him like a surprise in court.

“The attempt to produce documents without the accused ever knowing what is being produced is in violation of Fundamental Rights.”
Kapil Sibal

He further said that if there was some material like that and it surface between the time FIR was filed and Chidambaram was arrested, the ED should have summoned and interrogated Chidambaram. They cannot spring it like a surprise in court.

6:47 AM, 26 Aug

SC Dismisses Anticipatory Bail Plea, Says 'Infructuous' After Arrest

The Supreme Court bench has dismissed Chidambaram's plea seeking anticipatory bail in the case registered by CBI, saying that he has been already arrested and the case has become infructuous.

To this, Chidambaram's lawyer Abhishek Singhvi argued that if the SC had ordered a hearing on 23 August, then how can CBI go ahead with the arrest on 21 August.

Abhishek Manu Singhvi argues that the SC on 21 August had ordered for a hearing on Friday, 23 August. "Prosecution should not have acted in a way to render a judicial order ineffective," Singhvi said.

5:24 AM, 26 Aug

Remand Order Not Listed for Monday, SC Says Will List After CJI's Decision

P Chidambaram's counsel, on Monday, 26 August, told the Supreme Court that his plea against trial court's remand order was not listed for hearing on Monday, despite the apex court's direction.

The apex court told Chidambaram's counsel, Kapil Sibal that his plea would be listed for hearing only after it gets clearance from Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi. The SC, in response, said the Registry will do the needful for listing the case in this regard.

Justice Banumathi says that he is free to approach appropriate courts for regular bail now, and that this dismissal shall have no impact on that.

9:22 PM, 25 Aug

SC to Hear Chidambaram's Plea Against HC Order Denying Him Anticipatory Bail

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear on Monday, 26 August, P Chidambaram's pleas challenging the Delhi High Court's order which denied him anticipatory bail in the INX Media money laundering and corruption cases.

A bench headed by Justice R Banumathi is also scheduled to hear a fresh plea of Chidambaram in which he has challenged the arrest warrant issued against him and the trial court's order remanding him to CBI custody till Monday.

1:27 PM, 23 Aug

CBI Sends Judicial Requests to 5 Countries in INX Media Case

CBI has sent judicial requests to five countries in the INX media case — UK, Mauritius, Bermuda, Singapore, Switzerland. The CBI has asked for details of companies floated by the Chidambarams.

1:24 PM, 23 Aug

Chidambaram Asked Peter, Indrani to 'Take Care' of Karti, ED Tells SC

P Chidambaram had asked the then promoters of INX Media Group, Peter and Indrani Mukrerjea, to "take care of his son" when they met him for FIPB approval, ED told the Supreme Court on Friday.

During the arguments in SC on Friday, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for ED, told the bench that the agency has "collected innumerable documents/evidence" to show that money has been transferred from one company to another shell company and Chidambaram has various properties in India and abroad "in the name of shell companies".

He claimed that Chidambaram has "bank accounts" abroad in the name of shell companies and his custodial interrogation is necessary for unravelling the truth.

"CBI has recorded statement of Indrani Mukherjea, which will be tested in the trial, that she and her husband Peter had gone to Chidambaram for FIPB approval and he (Chidambaram) had asked them to take care of his son," Mehta told the bench.

1:20 PM, 23 Aug

Violations in INX Media Deal Not Brought to Notice of FIPB: D Subbarao Told ED

Former DEA secretary D Subbarao had told investigators probing the INX Media money laundering and corruption case that "violations" in the deal approving FDI for the company were not brought to the notice of the FIPB, reveal official records.

Other senior officials, who were responsible for the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) affairs at the time of this deal, had also said in their statements to probe agencies that violation of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) rules should have been referred to the RBI rather than being summarily approved.

"The FIPB unit should have confirmed from the company if indeed downstream investment has been made in INX News Pvt Ltd," Subbarao, a 1972 batch IAS officer of the Andhra Pradesh cadre, said in his statement to the ED.

12:44 PM, 23 Aug

Chidambaram's Arrest Raised Questions: D Raja

CPI general secretary D Raja on Friday criticised the manner in which senior Congress leader P Chidambaram was arrested by CBI after being allegedly hunted down.

The arrest of Chidambaram, the former union finance minister and former union home minister, by the investigating agency on Wednesday has raised several questions and it is for CBI to give a convincing reply, he told reporters in Patna.

"The way Chidambaram was been hunted down, detained and arrested has come under severe criticism," Raja told reporters.

He was, however, quick to add "The law will take its course. Let us wait and see how the judicial process is going to be."

11:45 AM, 23 Aug

Assets All Duly Accounted For: Karti Chidambaram Issues Statement

Addressing prime-time TV shows who have been talking about his “assets”, Karti Chidambaram has issued a statement, in which he said that all his assets “are duly accounted for and disclosed in statutory filings”.

“I am obligated to publicly declare my assets and I have done so,” he added in his statement that he released on Twitter.

7:35 AM, 23 Aug

SC Extends Interim Protection to P Chidambaram from Arrest by ED Till Monday

The Supreme Court on Friday extended interim protection to P Chidambaram from arrest by the Enforcement Directorate till Monday, 26 August.

After the order was passed, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta wanted to give some documents to Court to read that were collected by Enforcement Directorate. However, Sibal and Singhvi objected saying this had previously happened in the High Court. SC denied saying everything will be taken up on Monday, 26 August.

7:18 AM, 23 Aug

SC Also Hearing ED Anticipatory Bail Plea

The Supreme Court is also hearing Chidambaram's petition for anticipatory bail against the Enforcement Directorate.

Representing Chidambaram, Congress leader Kapil Sibal said that ED was asked to file a response to Chidambaram's request for anticipatory bail, on why his custody was required. However, ED didn't submit this till after all arguments were over in the case, meaning Chidambaram had no opportunity to respond to them.

The Congress leader also claimed that paragraphs 12-20 in the Delhi High Court judgment refusing anticipatory bail to Chidambaram come verbatim from the ED note. He went on to question how it was possible for HC to have relied on these claims which Chidambaram never had the chance to respond to and for which no other material was submitted.

7:10 AM, 23 Aug

SC To Hear Chidambaram's Appeal Against Arrest on Monday

The Supreme Court on Friday, 23 August, agreed to hear former finance minister P Chidambaram's appeal against the order of the CBI judge granting the agency his custody, as well as the previous petition against the CBI, on Monday.

Arguing for Chidambaram, Congress leader Kapil Sibal said in the apex court that his "fundamental right to access to justice has been frustrated by the way in which the plea against the Delhi HC verdict was not heard despite moving the SC on time."

5:43 AM, 23 Aug

Economy in ICU, Govt Issues 'Lookout Notice' for Those Defending Civil Liberties: Sibal

Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Friday took a swipe at the government, saying the "economy is in ICU" and the Modi dispensation has issued a “lookout notice" for all those defending civil liberties.

His jibe of government issuing lookout notice was an obvious reference to probe agencies issuing such a notice for party colleague P Chidambaram and arresting him.

4:46 PM, 22 Aug

Chidambaram Makes Submissions After His Request Allowed by Court

A request that former Union minister P Chidambaram, arrested in the INX media case, be allowed to make a brief submission was granted by a Delhi court, despite strong objection from the CBI.

Soon after arguments on custodial interrogation got over, senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi, who was appearing for Chidambaram, sought permission from special judge Ajay Kumar Kuhar that his client be allowed to speak as he wants to throw some light on the questions being asked by the CBI during interrogation.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, who was appearing for the CBI, vehemently opposed the request saying the former finance minister has a team of legal stalwarts like senior advocate Kapil Sibal and Singhvi, who have already presented their arguments, and Chidambaram doesn't need a "crutch" to argue his case.

2:45 PM, 22 Aug

Karti Chidambaram Reacts to His Father's CBI Custody

Reacting on P Chidambaram’s CBI custody, his son Karti said that the arguments put up by Abhishek Singhvi and Kapil Sibal in court explains his stand.

1:43 PM, 22 Aug

Chidambaram Taken Away From Court

Chidambaram has been taken away from court to CBI custody.

1:31 PM, 22 Aug

Lawyers, Family Allowed to Meet Chidambaram for Half an Hour Everyday

Lawyers and family of Chidambaram allowed to meet him for half an hour every day, says court. The court has also directed to carry out medical examinations every 48 hours.

1:29 PM, 22 Aug

Chidambaram's Custody is Justified: Judge

Granting the CBI five-day remand of Chidambaram, the judge said, “Considering all facts and circumstances I am of view that police custody of Chidambaram is justified”.

1:16 PM, 22 Aug

Court Sends Chidambaram on Remand Till 26 August

CBI Court on Thursday granted the investigating agency a five-day remand of Chidambaram. He will be in custody till 26 August.

12:19 PM, 22 Aug

'Rule Of Law In Peril' : 140 SC Lawyers Issue Statement Against Denial of Urgent Hearing of Chidammbaram's Bail Plea

A group of SC advocates have urged the Supreme Court Bar Association to issue a statement protesting the refusal of the Supreme Court to grant urgent hearing to the bail plea moved by Senior Advocate and former Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram on Wednesday.

"The denial of urgent listing in a matter of anticipatory bail of a senior member of the bar leads us to conclude that rule of law and democracy are in peril", said the statement.

1:01 PM, 22 Aug

CBI Also Investigating Trails of Payment: Sources

CBI is also investigating the trail of payments in several companies abroad and letter of Rogatory (LR) have been sent to the concerned countries, news agency PTI reported quoting sources.

11:57 AM, 22 Aug

Court to Pronounce Order at Shortly

The CBI court will pronounce order on Chidambaram’s CBI custody at shortly.

11:36 AM, 22 Aug

Court Reserves Order on CBI's Custody Application

The CBI Rouse Avenue Court on Thursday, 22 August, reserved its order after the investigating agency sought five-day custody of former Union Minister P Chidambaram in INX Media case.

11:08 AM, 22 Aug

Grant of Remand is Exception: Singhvi

Abhishek Singhvi argues that grant of remand is an exception. “Investigating Agency must make out a strong case that without custody further investigation would be impossible, Singhvi reads out a Supreme Court judgement,” he said.

11:05 AM, 22 Aug

No Non-Cooperation on Chidambaram's Part: Singhvi

Contesting CBI’s argument that Chidambaram has been non-cooperative, Singhvi says, “Non cooperation is if probe agency calls me five times and I don’t go, non cooperation is not giving the answer they like to hear. They called P Chidambaram once, and he went. Where is non cooperation?”

10:56 AM, 22 Aug

Case Only Based on Allegation of Evasion: Abhishek Singhvi

Arguing for Chidambaram, lawyer Abhishek Manu Dinghvi says that CBI’s case is only based on allegation of evasion.

“How can he (Prosecution) seek police remand on the basis of evasion,” says Singhvi.

10:45 AM, 22 Aug

CBI Could Have Asked Me for Documents: Sibal

Sibal argues that if the CBI needed documents related to the case, it could have asked for him for them.

10:37 AM, 22 Aug

CBI's Questions Aren't Ready: Sibal

Presenting his case, Sibal argues, “Last night, the CBI said that they wanted to interrogate him. They didn't start the interrogate until 12 noon and asked him only 12 questions. By now they should know what questions to ask. The questions are not ready”.

Chidambaram says he has answered six of the 12 questions.

10:35 AM, 22 Aug

Chidambaram Was Called Only on One Day: Sibal

Contesting CBI’s argument that Chidambaram has been evasive, Kapil Sibal says that the former Union Minister was interrogated only once.

“This happened in 2007-08. FIR was lodged in 2017. CBI could have called him again if he didn't answer. CBI should demonstrate with evidence to you that Chidambram was evasive," says Sibal.

10:30 AM, 22 Aug

Secretaries Who Gave FIPB Approval Not Arrested: Sibal

Sibal argues that the FIPB approval was given by six secretaries of the Government of India, none of whom have been arrested.

10:27 AM, 22 Aug

Draft Chargesheet Ready, Hence Investigation Complete: Sibal

Relying on the fact that a draft chargesheet in the case is ready, Sibal argues that the investigation in the case is already complete.

10:25 AM, 22 Aug

Karti Has Been Granted Regular Bail: Kapil Sibal

Representing Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal in his argument says co-accused Karti Chidambaram was granted regular bail by Delhi HC and chartered accountant Bhaskaraman is also on anticipatory bail.

10:20 AM, 22 Aug

Custodial Interrogation Required: CBI

CBI stresses on the need for custodial interrogation of Chidambaram saying that there is a money trail which needs to be investigated further.

10:15 AM, 22 Aug

Chidambaram Took Advantage of HC's Protective Cover: CBI

CBI says Chidambaram took advantage of the protective cover provided by the Delhi High Court.

10:13 AM, 22 Aug

Non-Bailable Warrant Has Been Issued: CBI

CBI says that a non-bailable warrant was issued by the Court pursuant to which P Chidambaram was arrested.

10:11 AM, 22 Aug

Chidambaram Evasive to Questions: CBI

Presenting its case in the Court, CBI says that CHidambaram has been evasive and silent on questions asked by agency.

10:09 AM, 22 Aug

CBI Seeks 5-Day Custody

Solicitor general Tushar Mehta on behalf of the CBI has sought five-day custody of P Chidambaram.

10:08 AM, 22 Aug

CBI Judge Arrives in Court

CBI Judge Ajay Kumar Kuhar has arrived in the Court. Proceedings to begin soon.

9:58 AM, 22 Aug

Chidambaram Produced in Court

Chidambaram has been produced in the CBI court and Solicitor General Tushar Mehta has entered the courtroom.

9:46 AM, 22 Aug

Lawyers Reach CBI Court

Senior advocate Dayan Krishnan and advocate Arshdeep Singh Khurana are present in court room of CBI Court. Chidambaram is expected to reach shortly.

8:54 AM, 22 Aug

INX Media Case: Investigating Officer Transferred

The Investigating Officer (IO) in INX media case Rakesh Ahuja has been transferred back to Delhi Police. Enforcement Directorate (ED) has clarified that Rakesh Ahuja's term in ED was over three weeks back.

8:44 AM, 22 Aug

Karti, Nalini Chidambaram Arrive at Rouse Avenue Court

P Chidambaram’s son Karti and wife Nalini Chidambaram arrive at Rouse Avenue Court.

5:04 AM, 22 Aug

Watch: Congress Addresses Media Before CBI Produces P Chidambaram in Court

A day after P Chidambaram was arrested by the CBI amidst high drama, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala, in a press conference on Thursday, slammed the government, saying it has been "hellbent upon using CBI and ED as personal revenge-seeking departments for the party in power as also those ruling the country."

“Over the last two days, India witnessed the broad daylight murder of democracy as also the rule of law, by a government hellbent upon using CBI and ED as personal revenge-seeking departments for the party in power as also those ruling the country.”
Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala

"The vindictive, malicious and selective manner in which P Chidambaram has been persecuted and prosecuted is nothing short of brazen personal and political vendetta by Modi government," Surjewala added.

5:02 AM, 22 Aug

'Isn't a Citizen Entitled to be Heard?': Kapil Sibal

Speaking on action against P Chidambaram and the developments in the Supreme Court on Wednesday, Congress leader Kapil Sibal, who was also representing the former finance minister, said, "It's a matter of great concern to us as members of legal fraternity, also it should be a matter of concern as citizens. All we wanted was a hearing, the presiding judge instead chose to say that I am sending the file to CJI. Isn't a citizen entitled to be heard?

4:47 AM, 22 Aug

'Will Go to Jantar Mantar to Protest': Karti Chidambaram After Father's Arrest

A day after P Chidambaram was arrested by the CBI amidst high drama, his son Karti Chidambaram arrived in Delhi on Thursday and condemned the action, saying it was "an attempt to silence the most vocal critic of the government."

"This is not merely targeting of my father but the targeting of the Congress party. I will go to Jantar Mantar to protest," Karti said.

4:24 AM, 22 Aug

'Deeply Distressing': Salman Khurshid on Chidambaram's Arrest

Speaking on P Chidambaram's arrest by the CBI, Congress leader Salman Khurshid on Thursday said, "It's deeply distressing that all that had to happen, there was no question of not being answerable to the law. The matter is listed on Friday. They could have waited till then to see what the Supreme Court wants to do."

1:16 AM, 22 Aug

Vindictive and Malicious Act Done by a Pliant Agency: Karti Chidambaram

Karti Chidambaram, son of P Chidambaram, was seen leaving from the Chennai airport, early morning on Thursday. Addressing the media, he said that that the arrest of the senior Congress leader by CBI is being done just to divert attention from the issue of Article 370, reported ANI.

“This is a totally vindictive and malicious act, done by a pliant agency. This is only done to settle political scores. There was absolutely no necessity to have done this. This has been done only to create a spectacle on TV and to tarnish the image of Congress party and the former finance and home minister. This is a completely trumped-up case in which he has absolutely no connection. We will fight this out politically and legally.”
Karti Chidambaram 
6:09 PM, 21 Aug

Medical Tests of P Chidambaram Conducted Inside CBI Headquarters

According to CBI sources, medical tests of P Chidambaram is being conducted inside CBI headquarters, ANI reports.

5:01 PM, 21 Aug

Chidambram Likely to Be Produced in Court Tomorrow

Chidambaram is likely to be produced before the CBI Rouse Avenue Court on Thursday.

4:57 PM, 21 Aug

CBI Arrests Chidambaram

About an hour after CBI took Chidambaram into custody, the investigating agency arrested the former Finance Minister in the INX Media case, news agency PTI reported.

4:35 PM, 21 Aug

Chidambaram Taken to CBI Headquarters

CBI takes Chidambaram to its headquarters after detaining him from his residence.

4:31 PM, 21 Aug

'Politically Motivated Witch Hunt': Karti Chidambaram

Reacting on the proceedings by the investigating agencies, Karti Chidambaram said, “This is a totally politically motivated witch hunt.”

4:25 PM, 21 Aug

CBI Takes Chidambaram Into Custody

The CBI took Chidambaram into custody from his residence after a team of the investigating agency and that of ED reached his residence.

3:58 PM, 21 Aug

'Drama and Spectacle for Voyeuristic Pleasure': Karti Chidambaram

Amid the frenetic events at Chidambaram’s residence, his son Karti tweeted saying, "The drama and spectacle being enacted by the agencies is to simply sensationalise and satisfy the voyeuristic pleasure of some."

3:54 PM, 21 Aug

ED Team Enters Chidambaram's Residence

After CBI, ED’s team has also entered Chidambaram’s residence.

3:38 PM, 21 Aug

After CBI, ED Team Reaches Chidambaram Residence

An Enforcement Directorate (ED) team has arrived at Chidambaram's residence. A team of the CBI had already reached there earlier.

3:36 PM, 21 Aug

CBI Team Scales Wall to Enter Chidambaram's House

CBI officials scaled walls of Chidambaram’s house to enter the premises after the former Union minister arrived at his residence following a press conference.

3:23 PM, 21 Aug

Chidambaram Arrives at His Residence

P Chidambaram arrives at his residence from the AICC headquarters after addressing the media.

3:00 PM, 21 Aug

'I Bow Down to the Orders of Supreme Court': P Chidambaram

Addressing the media at the AICC headquarters in Delhi, Former Union Minister P Chidambaram, said he has not been accused of any offence in the INX media case. "There is no chargesheet filed by either the ED or the CBI before a competent court," the Congress leader said.

“I was aghast that I was accused of hiding from the law. On the contrary, I was seeking protection of law. I bow down to orders of the SC,” Chidambaram said, adding that he respects law “even if it is applied with an unequal hand by probe agencies.”

2:02 PM, 21 Aug

Congress Leaders to Address Media

Congress leaders Kapil Sibal, Abhishek Singhvi and Salman Khurshid will address the media at AICC headquarters on Wednesday.

12:38 PM, 21 Aug

CBI Issues Lookout Notice Against Chidambaram

The CBI has issued a lookout circular against former finance minister P Chidambaram to prevent him from leaving the country, officials said on Wednesday.

The agency has alerted all the airports to prevent Chidambaram from boarding a flight, they said, adding the circular was issued recently.

The ED has also issued a fresh lookout circular against him in connection with the INX Media money laundering case.

11:30 AM, 21 Aug

SC Lists Chidambaram’s Anticipatory Bail Plea on Friday

The Supreme Court has listed the anticipatory bail plea of former Union Minister P Chidambaram on Friday, 23 August.

10:50 AM, 21 Aug

CJI-Led Bench Rises Without Mentioning Case

The CJI Gogoi-led bench has risen without mentioning Chidambaram’s case. The former Union Minister’s lawyers Kapil Sibal, Salman Khurshid & Vivek Tankha had assembled in CJI's court room where Ayodhya hearing was going on with the intention of mentioning his plea again.

10:35 AM, 21 Aug

Both ED and CBI Looking to Arrest Chidambaram: Sources

Speaking to The Quint, sources in the Enforcement Directorate have confirmed that both the ED and CBI are looking to arrest Chidambaram.

“Chidambram started appearing before ED only after March 2018 and till now he has appeared only 5-6 times and mostly he had been evasive,” the sources said.

10:28 AM, 21 Aug

Chidambaram's Lawyers Assemble in CJI's Court Room, Likely to Mention Plea Again

P Chidambaram's lawyers have assembled in CJI's court room where Ayodhya hearing is going on; likely to mention his plea again.

9:07 AM, 21 Aug

Won't Hear Petition Till Formally Filed: SC Refuses to Hear Chidambaram's Plea

The Supreme Court has refused to hear P Chidambaram's plea urgently.

The top court said the defects in the petition were removed just now and it "cannot be listed for hearing today itself". It added that it will not hear the plea till the petition gets listed formally, meaning no protection from arrest for the Congress leader today.

Now P Chidambaram 's team going to CJI's court to mention the case there. They are likely to have another go at around 4 pm, after the ongoing Ayodhya hearing in SC is over.

8:33 AM, 21 Aug

Chidambaram's Petition Has Defects: Reports

The petition filed by P Chidambaram on Wednesday has defects, media reports have said. The CJI is supposed to consider the plea for urgent listing.

7:29 AM, 21 Aug

'Condemn This Disgraceful Misuse of Power': Rahul Gandhi Backs Chidambaram

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter to back P Chidambaram, saying the Modi government is “using the ED, CBI and sections of a spineless media to character assassinate Mr Chidambaram.”

5:45 AM, 21 Aug

ED Issues Lookout Notice Against Chidambaram: Reports

According to reports, a lookout notice has been issued against P Chidambaram by the Enforcement Directorate (ED).

5:13 AM, 21 Aug

Justice Ramana to Send Chidambaram's Plea to CJI Gogoi

Justice NV Ramana has said that he will send of P Chidambaram's plea seeking interim bail to Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi for an urgent listing.

4:56 AM, 21 Aug

Special Leave Petition Filed in SC by Chidambaram's Lawyers

A special leave petition (SLP) has been filed in the Supreme Court by P Chidambaram's lawyers seeking interim relief against Tuesday's order of the Delhi HC, which cancelled the former finance minister's anticipatory bail plea.

4:16 AM, 21 Aug

'Extremely Unfair': Salman Khurshid on CBI Action Against Chidambaram

Asked about the CBI action against P Chidambaram, senior lawyer and Congress leader Salman Khurshid told the media that it was "extremely unfair".

3:46 AM, 21 Aug

'Shamefully Hunted Down': Priyanka Gandhi Backs P Chidambaram

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra took to Twitter to defend P Chidambaram, saying he is being "shamefully hunted down". "We stand by him and will continue to fight for the truth no matter what the consequences are," she said.

3:41 AM, 21 Aug

CBI Team Leaves from Chidambaram's Residence

A CBI team that had reached the residence of P Chidambaram in Delhi early on Wednesday, has now left. The former finance minister is all set to appeal for an urgent hearing in SC on Wednesday.

2:48 AM, 21 Aug

'Political Vendetta,' Says Anand Sharma

The Congress questioned the actions of probe agencies against former Finance Minister P Chidambaram soon after his anticipatory bail plea was rejected by the Delhi High Court, and said what was the tearing hurry when the Supreme Court was slated to hear his appeal on Wednesday morning.

Reacting to the development, Congress senior spokesperson Anand Sharma said, "We fail to understand what is going to happen in the night. Heavens are not going to open up. Mr Chidambaram is an eminent person and a law abiding citizen. What we have been witnessing in the last few years is selective targeting and politics of vendetta, mainly against the leaders of the Opposition."

2:48 AM, 21 Aug

'Pre-Arrest Bail Should Be Denied to Economic Offenders, Law Should be Amended': Delhi HC

Justice Sunil Gaur said an amendment in the existing law was needed to restrict the provisions of pre-arrest bail and make it inapplicable to offenders of high-profile economic offences like the INX Media scam.

"What is so far to be seen is the tip of the iceberg. Pre-arrest (bail) is not meant for high-profile economic offenders. Time has come to recommend to Parliament to suitably amend the law to restrict the provisions of pre-arrest bail and make it inapplicable to economic offenders of high-profile cases like the instant one. It is the need of the hour," the high court said in its 24-page judgment denying bail to the former Union minister in the INX media corruption and money-laundering cases.

2:48 AM, 21 Aug

CBI Officials Reach Chidambaram's Residence to 'Locate Him'

Hours after the Delhi High Court refused to grant any protection from arrest to Chidambaram, a team of CBI officers landed at his posh Jor Bagh residence in New Delhi to locate him, officials said.

The CBI team left the premises after confirming that Chidambaram was not present at the address, they said.

The team, which had some superintendent of police-rank officials, did not make clear if they had gone to his residence to arrest him for alleged irregularities in foreign investment clearance to INX media during his tenure as finance minister.

The officials returned to the CBI headquarters where they got into a huddle with senior officers of the agency to decide the future course of action, officials said.

2:48 AM, 21 Aug

'Things Made Difficult,' Says Sibal, Chidambaram Keeps Mum

Congress leader P Chidambaram maintained a stoic silence and kept himself away from the media after the dismissal of his anticipatory bail by the Delhi High Court in the INX Media scam.

Sibal spoke to the media and criticised the way the Delhi High Court dismissed Chidambaram's plea in the case.

“The judgment was pronounced at 3:20 pm. We don't know why at this hour. We asked for the stay of the operation of the judgment for three days to appeal in the Supreme Court. He (Justice Gaur) said he will pass the order which was delivered at 4 pm,” Sibal said.

He said he was in the apex court without a copy of judgement in his hand and things were made tough for approaching the top court.

2:48 AM, 21 Aug

'Classic Case of Money Laundering': Delhi HC While Denying Protection to Chidambaram

The Delhi High Court said the INX media case involving Chidambaram is a “classic case of money laundering” and it was of the prima facie opinion that his custodial interrogation is required for an effective investigation in the matter.

Justice Sunil Gaur, who dismissed Chidambaram's anticipatory bail plea in the corruption and money laundering cases related to the INX Media scam, said that granting bail in such cases will send wrong message to the society.

He also noted that the Congress leader was evasive in replies to the probe agencies when he was under protective cover given by the court.

2:48 AM, 21 Aug

Chidambaram to Appeal in SC for Urgent Hearing

P Chidambaram was asked to mention in the Supreme Court at 10:30 am his appeal for urgent hearing against the Delhi High Court order, which dismissed his anticipatory bail plea in the corruption and money laundering cases related to the INX Media scam.

Senior advocate Kapil Sibal said that as Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi will be sitting in the Constitution Bench for hearing the Ayodhya case, the petition is to be mentioned at 10:30 am before the senior-most judge, who is not on the Constitution bench.

2:48 AM, 21 Aug

Kapil Sibal Meets Judicial Registrar

Kapil Sibal was asked by Supreme Court official to place Chidambaram's petition before Registrar (judicial) who will take call for putting it before the Chief Justice of India.

Sibal met Registrar (judicial) Surya Pratap Singh and explained him the situation and what could be done.

The senior lawyer told PTI that SC Registrar (judicial) has said he will inform him about development on Chidambaram's plea.

2:48 AM, 21 Aug

Kapil Sibal Meets Chidambaram After Court Order

P Chidambaram discussed with senior advocate Kapil Sibal the situation after Delhi High Court dismissed his anticipatory bail plea in the corruption and money laundering cases related to the INX Media scandal.

Sibal, along with a team of lawyers, explored the possibility of mentioning the appeal against the order in Supreme Court.

The discussions took place in the Supreme Court.

After the high court denied him relief, senior advocate Dayan Krishnan, appearing for Chidambaram, sought stay on the operation of the order for three days, which the court denied.

2:48 AM, 21 Aug

Delhi HC Declines Chidambaram Interim Protection from Arrest

The Delhi High Court declined interim protection from arrest to Congress leader and former Union minister P Chidambaram for approaching the Supreme Court in the corruption and money laundering cases related to the INX Media scam.

Justice Sunil Gaur denied relief to Chidambaram.

2:48 AM, 21 Aug

Delhi HC Rejects Anticipatory Bail to P Chidambaram

The Delhi High Court dismissed the anticipatory bail plea of Congress leader and former Union minister P Chidambaram in the corruption and money laundering cases related to the INX Media scandal.

Justice Sunil Gaur denied relief to Chidambaram.

CBI had registered an FIR on 15 May 2017 alleging irregularities in the FIPB clearance granted to the media group for receiving overseas funds of Rs 305 crore in 2007 during Chidambaram's tenure as finance minister.

The ED had in 2018 lodged the money laundering case in this regard.

(With inputs from PTI)

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Published: 21 Aug 2019, 03:16 AM IST

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