Inside Kailaasa, Rape-Accused Nithyananda’s ‘Only Hindu’ Nation

While cops have still not located Nithyananda, the self-styled Godman has established his own country.

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Video Editors: Abhishek Sharma and Vishal Sharma

Abuse, assault, rape, embezzlement – the list of allegations against self-styled Godman Nithyananda is getting longer. However, that has not stopped the man from establishing his own country. Yes, you read that right.

He has bought a private island, named ‘Kailaasa.’ He has declared the island a Hindu sovereign nation and has already designed a flag, a passport and an emblem for it. The exact location of the island is still unknown, but a few sources say it might be near Ecuador.

All information isn’t derived from sources but is publicly available on Kailaasa’s official website – which has a Constitution for the new ‘nation’, intricate details about it and even quizzes!


The ‘Kailaasa’ Framework

Nithyananda serving food at Tiruvannamalai Aadheenam “anna dhaan” as part of the revival of the Kailaasa <i>parampara.</i>
Nithyananda serving food at Tiruvannamalai Aadheenam “anna dhaan” as part of the revival of the Kailaasa parampara.
(Photo Courtesy: Kailaasa)

The official website states, “Kailaasa is a nation without borders created by dispossessed Hindus from around the world who lost the right to practice Hinduism authentically in their own countries.”

The Constitution goes on for 547 pages and is written in Tamil, Sanskrit, and Hindi.

The website reads that though the Kailaasa Movement was actually founded in the United States and spearheaded by members of the Hindu Adi Shaivite minority community, Nithyananda has created this space as a safe haven for all Hindus; irrespective of race, gender, sect, caste, or creed.

Allegations Against Kailaasa’s Ruler

But first, a reality check. Contrary to the “safe haven” image, Nithyananda has fled India and is on the run from security agencies here. He is being investigated in criminal cases including raping a girl inside his ashram in Karnataka as well as kidnapping and abusing minors in his ashram in Gujarat.

Nithyananda has not appeared in court for more than forty hearings of cases against him.

Sources have told The Quint that he has escaped to Ecuador via Nepal. His passport had expired in September 2018 and has still not been renewed.

A copy of Nithyananda’s passport.&nbsp;
A copy of Nithyananda’s passport. 
(Photo: Accessed by The Quint)

He faces trial under Sections 376 (rape), 377 (unnatural sex), 420 (cheating), 114 (criminal abetment), 201 (disappearance of evidence, giving false information), 120B (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

However, the six sub-categories that outline the ‘achievements’ of the infamous Godman on the ‘Kailaasa’ website hail him as “the incarnation of Paramashiva” who is “selected to revive the ‘Enlightened Civilization.”

In fact, a police officer said, “I don’t know about enlightenment, but he was smart enough to avoid trial for eight years.”

This picture of Nithyananda Paramashivam as a three-year-old has been posted on the website as the time when he was identified as an incarnation.
This picture of Nithyananda Paramashivam as a three-year-old has been posted on the website as the time when he was identified as an incarnation.
(Photo Courtesy: Kailaasa)

Neither the website nor the Nithyanandapedi – described as “the core of Sri Nithyananda’s teachings” – has any mention of the long list of allegations against the man.


One Passport = Entry into 11 Dimensions!

Well, now that a quick revision of Nithyananda’s ‘true biography’ is done, here is how you can apply to be a citizen of ‘Kailaasa.’ You can get a passport that gives you free entry to all “11 dimensions and 14 lokas,” including to ‘Kailaasa’!

The ‘Kailaasa’ website boasts of a population (unverified, mind you) of two billion Hindus. Official languages are English, Sanskrit and Tamil, and the main religion is, of course, Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

And that’s not all. The national animal of this ‘nation’ is Nandi (sacred bull), the national bird is Sharabam, the national flower is lotus and the national tree is banyan.

  • 01/03
    The national tree is banyan.(Photo Courtesy: Kailaasa)
    The national tree is banyan.
  • 02/03
    The national animal is Nandi (sacred bull).(Photo Courtesy: Kailaasa)
    The national animal is Nandi (sacred bull).
  • 03/03
    The national bird is Sharabam.(Photo Courtesy: Kailaasa)
    The national bird is Sharabam.

There is even an official flag with the emblem of Paramashiva and Nandi and which has been called the “Rishabha Dhvaja.” The website encourages all Hindus to print out the flag and hoist it in temples, homes and even on cars, so as to spread his message.

All Hindus are encouraged to print out the flag.
All Hindus are encouraged to print out the flag.
(Photo Courtesy: Kailaasa)

Nithyananda’s Idea of Science

By now, you must be familiar with Nithyananda's ‘scientific’ theories. Here’s an example:

His discourses always have a special segment for pseudoscientific claims. In one of his ‘sermons’, Nithyananda claimed he would soon make cows, bulls, lions, tigers, and monkeys speak in Tamil and in Sanskrit!

This website is an extension of his discourse on ‘science’. It offers specifically designed programmes which can be taken up by anyone. For example, according to the ‘Kailaasa’ website, you can choose to attain inner peace and break free of addictions by adopting a “food-free lifestyle.”

There are extensive pages on the site dedicated to the ‘Conscious Pregnancy’ programme which aims “to create the perfect receptacle for the ultimate landing of the intelligent soul.”

And you can even take quizzes to know how right (or not) you are.

  • 01/02
    (Photo Courtesy:
  • 02/02
    (Photo Courtesy:

A reminder in case you’d forgotten – recently, four minors were rescued, who had been allegedly illegally confined and abused, from Nithyananda’s ashram in Ahmedabad, following a complaint by Bengaluru-based Janardhan Sharma.

Sharma had alleged that the Godman had brainwashed his two adult daughters and turned them against the family, sexually exploited them and has now flown them abroad too.

Government in ‘Kailaasa’

This is the home page of the official website.
This is the home page of the official website.
(Photo Courtesy: Kailaasa)

The Godman has structured an entire framework for the functioning of his nation’s government.

There are several departments such as:

  • Office of His Divine Holiness – responsible for the government’s international relations, digital engagement
  • Department of Homeland Security & Defence to protect Hindus’ rights, and to provide legal support against persecution of Hindus across the globe
  • Department of Treasury to manage federal finances, government accounts, all based on 'Paramashiva's Hindu economy'
  • Department of Commerce to promote job creation, economic growth
  • Department of Education to propagate Vedic & Agamic knowledge

And if any of you are aspiring for a career in politics, a number of posts are up for grabs.

The form asks for your Facebook ID.
The form asks for your Facebook ID.
(Photo Courtesy: Kailaasa)

The enrolment form asks for details such as your legal name, spiritual name, Facebook ID, the zone you belong to, your nearest temple/adheenam, how long you've known Swamiji, professional experience in connection with the ashram, skillset and hobbies.

Let me remind you at this juncture that this “ruler of the country” was accused of raping a US citizen for over five years on the pretext of spirituality.

One of the main missions, as mentioned in the website, is to propagate the “science of third eye,” that the Nithyananda has claimed is “a skill that enables even children to see in spite of being blindfolded.”

One of his former devotees, Sarah Landry, had alleged in the past that children were brainwashed and tortured to believe in this “skill.”


While news channels are dedicating prime time to discuss police inaction for letting Nithyananda thrive in another country, he has been building a website and even adding downloadable links of the Kailaasa emblem, flags for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel art and even a web banner!

So, to summarise: A man who is wanted for sexual abuse crimes in India is now the owner of an island which he claims is a “Hindu nation” for which he wants his followers to donate money. Will the police be able to take action against Nithyananda? Or will ‘Kailaasa’ be his latest project?

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