Moin Qureshi.
Moin Qureshi.(Photo: Altered by The Quint)
  • 1. Qureshi's Name in the Controversial Diary
  • 2. ED Arrests Qureshi
  • 3. From a Small Farm to a Meat Baron
  • 4. A Grand Wedding & Tax Troubles
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  • 6. Qureshi’s 'Shady' Connections, Offshore Accounts
Who Is Moin Qureshi & Why Is He Back to Haunt the CBI?

CBI Special Director Rakesh Asthana is under investigation for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 2 crore to protect businessman Moin Qureshi in a case. The allegations led to a internal feud in the CBI with both Asthana and his superior, Alok Verma, being divested of their duties.

Although the Supreme Court adjourned the matter till 16 November after Central Vigilance Commission delayed submission of their inquiry report on Verma, here’s a look at who Moin Qureshi is and what is the case against him.

In the run-up to 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi made a serious allegation against Congress president Sonia Gandhi. He claimed Gandhi was “protecting” a certain Moin Qureshi who was under investigation for money laundering.

“Moin Qureshi is being given protection by Sonia Gandhi, and hence he is safe. He has not been probed despite being under the radar,” said Narendra Modi, in an election rally.

Until then, Qureshi had managed to remain relatively unknown.

  • 1. Qureshi's Name in the Controversial Diary

    Few months after Modi’s comment in September 2014, the names of those who met controversial former CBI Director Ranjit Sinha at his residence was revealed from the visitors’ diary, creating a political stir.

    Sinha’s visitors list was being probed to investigate his alleged role in helping out those involved in the Coal Allocation scam, or ‘Coalgate’ as the media insisted on calling it. The Supreme Court had earlier observed that the CBI was no better than a “caged parrot” that “peaks in its master's voice”, giving permission to the inquiry panel to investigate his visitor’s diary.

    The scam pertained to illegal allocation of coal blocks between 2004 and 2009 during the UPA I regime, and came to light after a report by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India in 2012.

    Among the many controversial names that surfaced was that of Qureshi. The diary revealed that he met the then CBI Director not just once or twice in a span of few months, but 70 times. Qureshi’s wife, Nasreen, who is a Pakistani national, is also said to have visited Sinha’s residence many times.

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