After Dhule, Malegaon Couple Attacked Amid Child Lifting Rumours
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After Dhule, Malegaon Couple Attacked Amid Child Lifting Rumours

In yet another incident of violence triggered by social media messages, a beggar couple was allegedly attacked by a mob in Malegaon city in Nashik district over rumours that the couple was part of a gang of child-lifters, police said on Monday, 2 July.

Fortunately, the police rescued the couple in the nick of time.

The incident occurred last night, hours after five people were allegedly lynched by a mob in neighbouring Dhule district on the same suspicion fuelled by rumours.

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The couple hailed from Jintur in Parbhani district of Marathwada, said Additional SP Harsh Poddar.

They had come to Dhule in search of livelihood and were returning to Jintur. They came to Malegaon in hope of earning some money by begging and were staying near Manmad Square.
Additional SP Harsh Poddar

Last night, Gajanan Gire (40) and his wife Sindhubai Gire (35) were begging in the Azad Nagar area when a mob surrounded them and accused them of being members of a gang of child-lifters, the officer said.

He said rumours were going around on social media that a gang of child-lifters was roaming in the city.

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"The mob started beating the couple. However, a tragedy was averted after some citizens informed the police about the incident, following which a police team rushed to the spot and pacified the people," the officer said.

He said the couple was then taken to a police station and questioned about their presence in the area.

"Police cross-checked the background of the couple by calling up the Jintur police," the officer said, adding that the couple and the group left the town for Jintur this morning.

A case has been registered against unidentified people at Azad Nagar police station.

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