Indian Man’s House Trashed With Eggs, Poop & Hate Msgs in Colorado
Representational image. (Photo: iStock) 
Representational image. (Photo: iStock) 

Indian Man’s House Trashed With Eggs, Poop & Hate Msgs in Colorado

In yet another incident of possible hate crime, an Indian man’s house was trashed with eggs, dog poop and hate messages in Southern Colorado, USA.

The attack took place on 6 February. The FBI is looking into the matter and it is believed that this might be the work of more than one person, pertaining to the amount of damage.

The owner of the house said, “We saw more than 50 papers stuck everywhere on our door, window, car — they smeared dog poop everywhere and they had thrown at least like 40 eggs on our walls on our ceilings, everywhere outside,” as reported by RawStory.

"You Brown or Indian Shouldn't Be Here"

The owner also said that racist messages like “You brown or Indian should’t be here” was written outside the house. However, after the attack, his neighbours came together to offer support and helped him the clean the house. He said this incident has reminded him of compassion.

Previously, an Indian engineer was shot dead in Kansas, US, in an alleged racial attack after the gunman was heard shouting “Get out of my country!”

In yet another incident, an Indian woman, Ekta Desai, was travelling in the train in New York when she was hurled racial slurs at by a co-passenger. She shared a video on Facebook, which has since then gone viral.

(With inputs from ANI, RawStory)

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