India is Rising, But Against PM Modi: Rahul Lashes Out
Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi
Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi(Photo: Altered by The Quint)

India is Rising, But Against PM Modi: Rahul Lashes Out

A few hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered the keynote address at the ‘Rising India’ summit, organised by News18, Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted a “quick word of advice” for him.

In his address on 16 March, Modi said there is renewed confidence among citizens in the country's global rise. He added that his government has broken the imbalance in development by focusing on the eastern part of India, and has taken governance to doorsteps in that region.

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‘India’s Stature in the World Grown’

Underlining the government's efforts to improve sanitation, he said that while there were 6.5 crore toilets in 2014, the year his government came to power, there are 13 crore now.

Rural sanitation coverage has gone up from 39 percent to 78 percent.
Narendra Modi

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Asserting that India's stature in the world had grown under his government, Modi said that the number of heads of state and government visiting India in the last four years had doubled and that the country had become a member of several international groups, which it had been aspiring to join such as the Missile Technology Control Regime and the Australia Group.

India had put terrorism and black money at the centre of the global debate.
Narendra Modi

Modi also said that the economy was doing well on macro indicators such as fiscal deficit, inflation and FDI inflow, and global financial institutions had recognised it by raising India's rating.

The GST has established India as one market, enhancing the confidence of the investors, he said.

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"We are performing extremely well on all economic indicators as a country. India is now contributing nearly seven times the amount it contributed earlier to the world economy," he said.

Modi said that if the self-confidence of 125 crore people rises, then even the impossible becomes possible and his dispensation had succeeded in making citizens lead the government rather than the other way round.  

India will spend over 1 lakh crore to reform the education sector in the next four years, he said.

Video and graphic presentations were also made at the event to highlight the successes of his government's schemes like Ujjwala, under which free LPG connection is provided to the poor, and other development schemes.

Rising India was not about the economy, GDP and foreign investments, but about the rise of the self-respect of the 125 crore population of the entire nation, Modi said.

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