EQ: Tiger Conservation, New Coral Reef in Amazon, Pricing Carbon
Coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef (Photo courtesy: iStockphoto)
Coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef (Photo courtesy: iStockphoto)

EQ: Tiger Conservation, New Coral Reef in Amazon, Pricing Carbon


Guidelines to protect tiger corridors:

In an effort to conserve and protect India’s national animal, the environment ministry is drawing up rules regarding tiger corridors. As tiger habitats fragment, such corridors become increasingly important.

Paris Pact a “triumph of collective wisdom”:

Hailing the “historic” Paris Agreement which was signed by 171 countries last week, the environment minister said that the agreement emphasised that the agreement called for a “sustainable lifestyle”.

275 Eco-Sensitive Zones declared:

The environment minister has approved the declaration of buffer zones for wildlife protection around protected areas in India.


(Photo courtesy: iStockphoto)
(Photo courtesy: iStockphoto)

Could China end up powering the world?

A new report traces how China State Power Grid, the world’s largest power company, is buying up energy resources around the world in an ambitious plan to set up a global energy grid. It’s an ambitious and maybe impossible plan but it might just be the future of a new global order.


(Photo courtesy: iStockphoto)
(Photo courtesy: iStockphoto)

“Submit a complete list of all wetlands”:

Concerned that ecologically critical wetland ecosystems are being lost, the NGT has ordered all states to submit a list of wetlands under their jurisdiction.


(Photo courtesy: iStockphoto)
(Photo courtesy: iStockphoto)

France to take the lead on pricing carbon:

The French government has declared that it will take steps to evolve a price on carbon. This could lead to a better understanding of the true cost of fossil fuels and hopefully, lead to a fall in emissions.


The newfound bird named as Zoothera salimalii. (Photo courtesy: <a href="https://twitter.com/UU_University/status/690468711921258496">Twitter</a>)
The newfound bird named as Zoothera salimalii. (Photo courtesy: Twitter)


The number of bird species which migrate to India each year.


(Photo courtesy: iStockphoto)
(Photo courtesy: iStockphoto)

New reef system in the Amazon!

Scientists have discovered an incredible coral reef at the mouth of the Amazon River. It is uncommon to find reefs in places where large rivers meet the sea making this find an unexpected discovery.


(Photo courtesy: iStockphoto)
(Photo courtesy: iStockphoto)

Reducing food waste could mitigate climate change:

A new study has shown that alarming levels of wasted food is contributing towards the climate crisis. The study argues that up to 14 percent of agricultural emissions in 2050 could be avoided by better managing food use and distribution.


What mysteries do the world’s oceans contain? Watch this intriguing video here:


Where in India would you find the Chandra Taal wetland?

(a) West Bengal
(b) Andaman and Nicobar Islands
(c) Himachal Pradesh
(d) Rajasthan

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