WATCH VIDEO | Crocodiles Swimming In Flooded Streets Of Vadodara!

WATCH VIDEO | Crocodiles Swimming In Flooded Streets Of Vadodara!


Just as Vadodara heaved a sigh of relief after the 24-hour rainfall came to a halt on Thursday, 1 August, a new threat emerged as crocodiles were spotted in the waterlogged streets.

The Vishwamitri river, which flows through the heart of Vadodara, is home to over 260 crocodiles and is currently flowing well over the danger mark.

The river flooded after the civic authorities opened the flood gates of Ajwa dam that feeds the Vishwamitri. As a result, the notorious crocodiles are now swimming in the streets of the city.

In a video, shot at a residential colony in Warasiya area of Vadodara, a crocodile can be seen stalking two stray dogs in the flooded lanes. The crocodile inches closer to one of the canines but the lucky dog yelps and flees at the very last moment.

More videos of crocodiles lurking in the flooded streets are being shared on Twitter and other social media platforms.

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Vadodara received over 18 inches of rain in 14 hours on Wednesday, 31 July, which brought Gujarat’s cultural capital to a grinding halt, affecting rail, air and road travel, in and out of the city.

NDRF teams and the army have been deployed in the city to save citizens who are marooned in their homes.

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