Commuters Suffer as Delhi Auto-Cab Unions & Ola, Uber Call Strike
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Commuters Suffer as Delhi Auto-Cab Unions & Ola, Uber Call Strike

Strike called by autorickshaw and taxi unions on Monday, 22 October, is expected to cripple traffic movement in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR).

The one-day strike has been called by Sanyukt Sangharsh Samiti, one of the major auto-taxi unions in Delhi, and supported by others like All India Tour and Transport Association (AITTA).

The unions are protesting against the Delhi government’s policies on cab aggregators Uber and Ola, and the Centre’s rule on speed governors, reported Hindustan Times.

Meanwhile, Ola and Uber drivers have also called for strike in Delhi and Mumbai, demanding higher minimum fare and charge per kilometer. The drivers want minimum fares to be between ₹100 and ₹150, and the charge per km between ₹18 and ₹23, HT reported.

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Thanks For Making Me Miss My Flight: Commuters Share Ordeal on Twitter

Commuters in Delhi and Mumbai took to Twitter to highlight the inconveniences they are facing due to the strike called by Ola and Uber drivers.

Delhi Commuters Face Inconvenience Due to Ola-Uber Strike

As the city faced a taxi crunch, the commuters expressed their inconvenience relating to the issue. People complained about not getting cabs and having to wait for a longer time and on top of that, paying a higher premium after getting the cab.

Cabbies Block Roads, Threaten to Extend Strike if Demands Not Met

Around 30 cab drivers attempted to block a road near the DDA office in Delhi’s ITO. The incident required police intervention.

The drivers are also threatening to extend their strike, if their demands are not met. They demand KYC for customers, fair pay and a government approved app.

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