‘Maaro, Bandook Cheen Lo’: Video Of Bulandshahr Cop’s Last Moments

‘Maaro, Bandook Cheen Lo’: Video Of Bulandshahr Cop’s Last Moments

Maaro saa** ko, bandook cheen lo (Kill him, snatch his gun).”

These are the words you can hear the mob shouting in Bulandshahr in a chilling three-minute video clip that was shot moments before police inspector Subodh Kumar was killed in riots that took place on Monday, 3 December.

The video clip surfaced a few days after the riots, revealing the possible attack on inspector Subodh Kumar.

While the veracity of the video cannot be established and hasn’t been confirmed by police officials, the chain of events and location of the video appears to be similar to the developments in Bulandshahr on Monday that killed inspector Kumar and a civilian, Sumit.

What the Video Shows

In the video, the mob is first seen running amok on the streets, pelting stones and targeting the policemen on a stretch resembling the previous visuals from the spot in Bulandshahr, where the alleged clashes between policemen and the mob took place.

Throughout the video, the mob can be heard shouting “Hit them, kill them, snatch their guns.”

At 01:32 in the video, somebody from the crowd is heard shouting “Goli maar di, goli maar di (somebody has been shot),” following which an injured, bleeding protester, who was possibly shot in the firing, is seen being escorted by some people at around 01:54.

The mob then goes berserk and can be heard shouting “Maaro saa** ko, bandook cheen lo (Kill him, snatch his gun).” At the end of the clip, the body of a policeman is seen lying in an open field.

If the sequence of events in the video is to be believed, Inspector Subodh Kumar was killed after the protester was shot in the firing. It is still not clear who fired the shots that hit the protester.

Sumit: Bystander or Protester?

The injured protester in the video, seen at 01:54, resembles deceased civilian Sumit, claims NDTV, which suggests that the killing of Inspector Kumar and 20-year-old Sumit are possibly linked.

The injured protester is clearly seen pelting stones at 00:25 and 00:45 of the video.

The same protester is then seen injured and being escorted away at 01:54. However, the identity of the injured protester or the possibility of him being the deceased civilian Sumit is still not confirmed or officially verified.

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Bajrang Dal Leader Main Accused

The Uttar Pradesh Police on Tuesday, 4 December, has named Bajrang Dal leader Yogesh Raj as the main accused along with BJP youth wing member Shikhar Agrawal and VHP member Upendra Raghav, in the violence that took place a day earlier.

They arrested three persons in connection with the violence in the district that led to the deaths of two, including police inspector Subodh Kumar.

Meanwhile, the police have registered two FIRs naming 27 people and mentioning 60 unnamed people. While one FIR has been filed against the alleged cattle slaughter, the other one has been registered against the violent protests which followed.

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