Andhra Man Crushes 212 Walnuts in One Minute, Sets World Record
Guinness World Record
Guinness World Record(Photo Courtesy: Guinness World Records)

Andhra Man Crushes 212 Walnuts in One Minute, Sets World Record

The Guinness World Records have the most bizarre records, but they often are painful to watch, and leave people wondering how long it took for the record makers to master their craft. In a recent video posted by Guinness World Records, P Prabhakar, a martial arts master from Andhra Pradesh, created a new world record by crushing 212 walnuts in a minute. He earned the title of ‘Most walnuts crushed by hand in one minute’.

The 35-year-old martial arts master practiced every day to achieve this feat, according to the Guinness World Records.

The shells had to be broken into a minimum of two pieces for it to count. The walnuts were inspected by individual witnesses to make sure that they were not damaged and raw.

In the video, the walnuts are neatly arranged in a long table, until Prabhakar smashes them to smithereens to create the new record. People look on hopefully, and countdown while he broke the existing record.

He smashed over three walnuts per second.

YouTube users were equally shocked. One user said, “I can't even open a walnut”, while another said that he would “break my hand trying (and not succeed) to break one like that.”

The previous record was 210 walnuts, which was held by Pakistani Muhammed Rashid. Guinness describes Muhammed Rashid as a ‘serial record-breaker’.

According to Guinness, although the contender is allowed to wear a fabric glove while attempting this feat, it is painful even for the most experienced martial artists.

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