Family of Three Found Dead, Suicide Note Blames ‘Dark Magic’
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Family of Three Found Dead, Suicide Note Blames ‘Dark Magic’

Three members of a family allegedly committed suicide in Ahmedabad's Naroda locality on Wednesday, with a purported suicide note saying one of them was under the influence of "black magic".


Kunal Trivedi (50), his wife Kavita Trivedi (45) and their daughter Shrin Trivedi (16) were found to have hanged themselves at their house, a Naroda police station official said.

“We recovered a suicide note, which appears to be penned by Kunal Trivedi, saying he was under the influence of black magic.”
Inspector HB Vaghela, to PTI

The inspector added that the note has been sent to the forensic laboratory to verify the handwriting. It is being determined whether Trivedi killed his wife and daughter before hanging himself or if the deaths were the result of a suicide pact, as a Hindustan Times report said.

Police were alerted by relatives of the family, who got suspicious when their repeated calls went unanswered, the report added. Trivedi's mother Jayshreeben, 75, was also found unconscious in the house when police broke open the door of their flat. She is admitted in the hospital in a critical condition.

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The note, written in Hindi, was addressed to Trivedi’s mother.

It said that the family was not facing any financial strain. In fact Kunal Trivedi had lent Rs 14.5 lakh to some persons in Madhya Pradesh, inspector Vaghela added.

The note further said that he (Kunal) told his family members that he was under the spell of black magic, but they did not believe him and instead attributed his problems to his alcohol habit.

Even his drinking was due to the influence of black magic, Kunal purportedly said in the note.

The case was being probed from various angles, inspector Vaghela said. According to The Hindustan Times, a case of accidental deaths has been registered.

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(Inputs from PTI, Hindustan Times)

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