Happy Birthday Oliver Hardy, the Bigger Half of Laurel & Hardy

Happy Birthday Oliver Hardy, the Bigger Half of Laurel & Hardy

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Oliver Hardy was the bigger half, quite literally, of the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy. Stan Laurel rounded off the other end, which became famous during the early Classical Hollywood era. The two worked together from 1927 to 1951, before retiring the group.

Starring together in 107 films, the two formed one of Hollywood’s most iconic comedy duos, recognised even today for their contributions to comedy.

Oliver Norvell Hardy was active in cinema from 1914, making his first movie called Outwitting Dad. During this period, he was billed in many of his movies as “Babe Hardy.”

In this video, which is a three-minute interview of the actor, he explains his friendship with Stan Laurel. He talks about how they’ve not just worked together for 23 years, but also remained friends through the years.

Stan [Laurel] and I have been together for 23 years, and we’re still friends. I think that’s a record. 
Oliver Hardy

The iconic duo made 107 films together, beginning in the silent era of cinema, well into the era of talkies.

It’s funny how I got the name “Babe.” That was years and years ago, when I had my first shave. The barber went in, and he charged me a dime, and he put some powder on my face, and said, ‘That’s alright baby, you’ll agree.’
Oliver Hardy, on the origin of his nickname “Babe”

He goes on to talk about his history in cinema, and how he worked as a director with a comedian before he joined Stan Laurel.

I used to work with an old-time comedian. I used to do some slapstick comedy before Stan and I got thrown together.
Oliver Hardy

As the video comes to a close, he adds how, at the time, the cinema industry was drifting away from doing comedy, and focusing more on dramatic work.

I think people wanna laugh now, but they don’t have things to laugh at. People now want to be connected with a higher type of drama. They’re drifting away from comedy, because comedy is difficult to make. It’s difficult to do too.
Oliver Hardy 

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