FAQ: Can All Students Attend Classes in Punjab, Haryana Colleges? 

Here’s how colleges and higher educational institutions in Punjab and Haryana are reopening. 

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FAQ on Colleges Reopening in Punjab, Haryana: Here’s how colleges and higher educational institutions in Punjab and Haryana are are reopening.

From a phased return of students to strict rules for teachers, schools, colleges, universities, and institutions of higher educations are set to reopen in Punjab and Haryana after remaining shut for several months since the coronavirus lockdown in March.

But will all students be allowed to come in on day one and how will safety measures be ensured in classrooms, even as the pandemic continues to rage? Read on to know more.

Will all departments open on 16 November in Punjab?

No, universities and colleges would be opened in a phased manner where departments and courses involving hands-on training like sciences or medicine will be reopened.

In the next phases, departments like management and commerce, where hands-on training can be delayed, will be opened. This will be followed by departments like languages and Arts.

Will students from first and second year be allowed in during the first phase in Punjab?

No, only final-year students will be called in for physical classes in the first phase and not more than 50 percent of students will be allowed in any class on any given day.

Colleges and other institutions that have the capacity to seat more than 50 percent of students while ensuring strict adherence to social distancing will be allowed to do so.

For junior years, online learning will be preferred.

How are colleges in Haryana planning to reopen?

In Haryana, students from from all undergraduate and postgraduate departments can attend physical classes according to a schedule, which will be provided by their respective college or department. The following is the schedule prescribed by the Haryana Higher Education department.

Mondays & Tuesday : First-year BA Students from 9 am to 12 noon, BCom & BSc first-year students from 12:30 to 3:30 pm.

Wednesday & Thursday: Second-year BA students from 9 am to 12 noon, BCom and BSc second-year students from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

Friday & Saturday: Third-year BA students and first-year PG students from 9 am to 12 noon, third-year BCom, BSc and second-year PG students from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

How will social distancing measures be implemented in Haryana’s colleges?

All seating arrangements must ensure a distance of at least six feet between two students and seats that can be occupied should be marked. In case of single-seater desks, students must occupy every alternate seat and only one student will be allowed on one bench.

Apart from this, outdoor spaces, if available, must be used used for conducting classes in order to better implement social distancing protocols.

Moreover, only a certain percentage of the students can be asked to attend the colleges or universities, depending on the enrolment, rotationally on alternate days, or every two days in a week. Combining in-person classes with home assignments could be another mechanism.

Will students and teachers from containment zones be allowed in Haryana?

No, students and teachers from containment zones have been asked to not attend physical classes. In addition, physical attendance must not be enforced and will only be based on the consent of parents.

Will Punjab and Haryana students be allowed in hostels?

Punjab: Students enrolled in courses requiring hands-on training will be accommodated first in hostels, which can only operate at 50 percent capacity. Only one person will be allowed in each room and mess services will be available for longer durations so as to ensure that students dine in a staggered manner.

Haryana: Only asymptomatic students would be allowed inside hostels, and they will have to minimise contact and remain in quarantine after arriving at the facility. Students lacking support at home or those without access to online education would be given first preference.

In addition, hostels in Haryana may erect temporary partitions to separate inmates and arrange for alternate arrangements to ensure that social distancing is followed.

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