‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’: PM Modi Asks Parents to Be More Involved

The interaction, which aims to boost the morale and confidence of students, will start at 7 pm on Wednesday.

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PM Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the evening of Wednesday, 7 April, began his interaction with students, teachers, and parents from all over the world in the the fourth edition of "Pariksha Pe Charcha 2021," a discussion on examinations, on Wednesday, 7 April.

Lamenting that he has, this time, had to meet everyone in a new format (virtually), PM Modi promised that the conversation will be about exams but not limited to them. He urged that confidence has to be created anew.

Further, responding to questions on exam-related anxiety PM Modi urged parents to be more involved in the lives of their children. He added that children should take exams without any pressure by parents, teachers, relatives and others.

“Parents should be more involved. When parents are involved they know the child’s strengths and weaknesses, and focus more on the strengths.”     

He reminded students that exams are a means of disciplining oneself, but not the end of the world, and should not be treated as a final opportunity.

On Tackling Difficult Subjects

Responding to questions on how to tackle certain subjects which are harder than others, PM Modi said:

“When we are not comfortable with a subject, we waste 80% of our energy on stressing over them. We should distribute our energy equally between all subjects. If you have 2 hours to study, divide those 2 hours between all subjects.”

He also asked his students to tackle the challenging subjects before the easy ones, while preparing, saying that it is what he himself does in life.

He further stated that even though one should not run away from any subject, it is not important to be a master of everything, but to have a stronghold in one subject.

“For example, if someone asks Lata ji to teach Geography, she may or she may not be able to do it. But the way she has dedicated her life to music, she is an inspiration to everybody.”
PM Modi

On Free Time & Creativity

Stating that free time is a “treasure”, PM Modi said that free time can be spent either increasing ones curiosity, helping out family members or doing things that make you happy.

“What do I like to do in my free time? I have observed in my schedule, that if I have some free time, I love to sit on a swing. I don’t know why. I enjoy sitting on a swing.”
PM Modi

The prime minister also suggested spending free time finding creative means to express oneself.

“Give your thoughts and emotions a creative means for expression. Creativity spans a greater horizon than knowledge. Creativity can take you where even knowledge can’t.”
PM Modi

When asked about how to prepare oneself for life, PM Modi asked students to observe and learn from their surroundings. He asked them to “dream but don’t sit ideal. Be determined. Think of that one dream you wish to fulfil”.


On Imparting Good Values to Children

Answering a question on how parents, can in today’s day and age, impart good values to their children, PM Modi asked parents to introspect and confirm they are not suffocating their children with their own thoughts and views.

"Parents must not burden their children with their values, but find a way to inculcate basic values in their upbringing”, he said.

“If your child is seeing that you are performing all religious customs, but not doing any public service, then your child gets confused.”

PM Modi urged parents to train the children, noting that they make “parameters and want children to follow it and when we fail to pull them up, we complain they lack motivation.”

“I would suggest to train them, motivation will follow”.

PM Modi further said if adults treated their staff and others around them with concern, then they will not bother about imparting good values to their children.

“When you treat your staff badly, your child sees it,” the Prime Minister said.

He also lamented unequal treatment of boys and girls at home, and said:

“Our female Gods have same importance as our male Gods. But at home our daughters and our sons are treated differently at home. Which is why when the boy grows up what he sees at home impacts the way he treats women.”

“Values should never be imposed. They should be taught by example.”

On Memorisation And Being Stress Free

PM Modi motivated students on memorisation, asking them to observe how they learnt their mother tongue, as well as remember their fights with siblings. He advised students that being fully involved in that moment helps retain memory.

He also told children to leave the stress outside the exam centre, and to be stress free and not feel conscious about the exam. PM Modi endorsed the Exam Warrior Book and NaMo app, telling students that they would find solutions to deal with tension there.

COVID United Families

PM Modi asked parents to show interest in their child’s generational talks, and be involved in their enjoyment, as a means to bridge the generational gap.

"If you want to grow old, then keep a distance from your children. But if you want to grow into your younger self, shorten the gap with your children”, said PM Modi.

PM Modi told students that the pandemic has united families, and that this time should be spent time realising what is important, and to not take anything for granted. “We have also got a chance to understand our family better,” he said.


More Details

The interaction, which aims to boost the morale and confidence of students, started at 7 pm on Wednesday.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will begin conducting Class 10 and 12 board exams 2021 from 4 May.

The first edition of the PM's interaction programme with school and college students 'Pariksha Pe Charcha 1.0' was held at Talkatora Stadium on 16 February 2018.

(With inputs from IANS)

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