What Makes New Zealand Ideal for Undergraduate Students
What Makes New Zealand Ideal for Undergraduate Students

What Makes New Zealand Ideal for Undergraduate Students

Imagine if undergraduate life looked something like this:

- Interacting with fellow students of different nationalities
- Taking a stroll on a beautiful campus every single day after class
- Living in a neighbourhood full of friendly people
- During weekends or vacations, you head off to explore beaches, lakes and forests or try your hand at adventure sports such as skydiving, bungee jumping or hiking

If you think these are scenes straight out of a high-school musical, you’re wrong. This is what college life in New Zealand looks like. This scenic and welcoming country has a competitive education system that attracts students from all across the world.

Why New Zealand

Top-ranking universities, high quality education and value for money are some of the reasons why New Zealand is emerging as a favourite education destination. If the campuses are safe, culturally diverse and breathtakingly beautiful, life outside of campus is even more exciting. Most places in New Zealand are uncrowded and the pace of life is leisurely.

On a typical weekend, you could hang out with your friends at a cafe, laze around on a beach or watch a film or play. On the not so typical ones, you could channelise your inner adventure lover or be prepared to be mindblown as you go about visiting all the places that featured in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. And yes, when you do all of this, make sure to always carry your sunglasses and use a sunblock, because New Zealand is quite sunny. There are plenty of student-friendly accommodation options you can choose from.

As an undergraduate, studying in New Zealand will not only be one of the most memorable chapters of your life, but also your first brush with independence.

Bouquet of courses

For UG students, universities in New Zealand offer a variety of courses across Science & Technology, Engineering, Business & Management, Media, Art & Design and more. Under each of these disciplines, you further get to choose new-age and innovative courses. From Food Technology to Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Cyber Security to Human Resource Management, Fine Arts to Energy Technology, you can pursue any programme that interests you.

The courses are designed such that they prepare you for the future and make you work-ready. That a degree from any New Zealand university is recognised all over the world only validates the high standards of education the country has to offer.

Most places in New Zealand are uncrowded and the pace of life is leisurely.
Most places in New Zealand are uncrowded and the pace of life is leisurely.

Beyond academics

The best part about studying in New Zealand is that you not only experience the warmth of Kiwi culture, but also get up, close and personal from cultures across the world. The country attracts students from all over, so the time you spend there is almost like a cultural exchange program. You forge friendships for a lifetime with people from different nationalities, learn new languages, and all this, in turn, broadens your worldview. You may come to New Zealand as an Indian, but you will surely leave the country as a global citizen.

The Kiwi lifestyle emphasises on life beyond work and studies, and this reflects in their education system too. After a long day of study, you can unwind on the campus by playing a sport you like, engage in a skill-based activity of your choice or simply chill with your friends. You can even head back to your place of stay and explore the neighbourhood. Most places in Kiwi cities are close to each other, so you hardly spend any time commuting. There’s plenty of time for you to pursue a hobby or pick up a new skill. In fact, the universities here encourage you to do that!

Future-proof yourself

New Zealand’s ability to prepare students for the future of work has been recognised by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Educating for the Future Index, which in March ranked New Zealand as the best English-speaking education system in the world for the second year running. The EIU Index ranks 35 countries in terms of their ability to prepare students to respond to the rapidly changing demands of work and life.

Great universities, study-life balance, welcoming atmosphere, beautiful landscapes and a relaxed lifestyle, there’s so much that sets New Zealand apart from a lot of other countries. So come to study in New Zealand and future-proof yourself.

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