Journalist Accuses Author Saif Mahmood of Sexual Harassment
Author Saif Mahmood has been accused of sexual harassment.
Author Saif Mahmood has been accused of sexual harassment.(Photo: Facebook/Saif Mahmood

Journalist Accuses Author Saif Mahmood of Sexual Harassment

Lawyer and author Saif Mahmood has been accused of sexual harassment by a journalist. This account comes on the heels of the #MeToo movement in India where women have been calling out their harassers.

The complainant took to Twitter to talk about an incident dating back to September where after an after-party, she claimed that Mahmood harassed her while she was asleep. She goes on to say that Mahmood does not understand the idea of ‘consent’.

The complainant says that she knew Mahmood closely, and had attended the launch of his book in September at Delhi's IIC.

After the launch, Mahmood invited his closest people for an after-party at his house and the complainant joined. She had eaten very little that night and was very drunk when she eventually passed out in Mahmood’s apartment. Nauseous and dizzy, she remembers waking up at about 5 am to realise that the female friends she was supposed to accompany had left her there. She also understood at that point that her host was sharing the same bed as her.

She then says that Mahmood was “putting his hands all over” her from 5 am to 10:30-11 am when she finally left.

She had clearly said “no” to him eight times, but Mahmood wouldn’t stop until she told him she was seeing someone.

Shortly after posting this account, Saif Mahmood also took to Twitter to clarify his position. He even shared WhatsApp messages to corroborate his statement.

According to him, he hugged her twice and was suggestive but stopped when she said she has a boyfriend as he took it for a “no.”

When we reached out to the complainant she told us that she has not filed any legal complaint yet, but will release a statement soon.

We also reached out to the accused but he has not responded to our messages yet. We will update this piece as and when we have a response.

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