No Mr Khattar, Even As a Joke Your Kashmiri Women Comment Isn’t OK

No Mr Khattar, Even As a Joke Your Kashmiri Women Comment Isn’t OK

“On the topic of sex ratio, Haryana’s sex ratio used to be around 800-something women per 1000 men. We’ve increased this to 930+ per thousand men. Earlier, OP Dhankar used to say that we’ll have to bring girls from Bihar to fix the sex ratio, and some people are now saying that Kashmir has opened, we can bring girls from Kashmir as well. (scattered laughs from audience) Jokes apart (mazaak ki baat alaghai), we may even exceed this ratio, but fixing the sex ratio is a subject that the state takes very seriously.”
Haryana CM ML Khattar 

Haryana Chief Minister ML Khattar may have 'joked' about bringing girls from Kashmir, but we must understand the sinister meaning that this seemingly harmless statement implies. Ever since Article 370 has been scrapped, political speeches have been peppered with 'gori' Kashmiri girls as objects of desire.

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Only a couple of days ago we witnessed another BJP MLA, Vikram Saini from Muzaffarnagar echo the exact same thoughts. He wanted his party workers to marry ‘gori Kashmiri’ girls. Social media too, was jumping at the fact that, now, they finally have a treasure trove at their disposal. Women from another state have finally been made ‘available’ to them.

But what I am failing to understand is why are men viewing women as cattle-like mute spectators?

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Although I said this in my previous rant as well, maybe it did not register then.

Even while Article 370 held importance in Kashmir, Kashmiri women could marry whoever the hell they wanted to!

If they didn't marry you then, it says something about you! Try and introspect before dreaming about 'gori' girls?

Secondly, with yet another incident testifying India’s obsession with skin colour, three of the worst things about us needs mention:

1) Our minds are still colonised

2) We are patriarchal, misogynistic, sexist, and racist

3) We are regressive: If in 2019, we are still talking about not having as many girls in comparison to boys in a state, then what development are we even boasting of?

Coming back to what Haryana CM Mr Khattar said, sir, if you are so fond of making jokes, then let’s talk about something that is actually funny!

Women's lives are not a joke because their lives matter too. They are active members of the society whose contribution is rarely recognised. Their ultimate aim in life is not to get married.

Lastly, we understand sir that you did not condone the fact that Kashmiri women should be brought to Haryana to fix the state’s sex ratio. But sir, you DID NOT condemn it either.

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