‘Eid Wasn’t Happy At All’: A Kashmiri Girl’s Ordeal Post Art 370

‘Eid Wasn’t Happy At All’: A Kashmiri Girl’s Ordeal Post Art 370

My Report

Video Editor: Mohd Ibrahim

I’m Tanya from Jammu and Kashmir and I have experienced the worst twelve days of my life after the abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35A.

So, for the next few minutes, I’ll be telling you a few of my personal experiences.
A few days back, a lady died in our locality and her final rites were performed
in the absence of her children because phone calls were barred. So obviously, how could they have known about this?

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As you know, the admission processes are going on in central universities right now.
But, due to the Internet blockade, I was personally unaware of any notifications. And it’s very heartbreaking to see that the struggle and efforts that I had put in went to waste. Also, my sister was getting online coaching for some exam. She paid an amount of around Rs 26,000 for the same. Since, Internet came to a halt, she suffered a big loss.

My father was getting his treatment from Tata Hospital. They used to deliver his medicines to Srinagar. We are running out of his medicines due to this. We are hopeless and helpless, but can’t do anything about this.

‘Eid Was Like Any Other Day’

Coming to Eid, I want to tell you the meaning of Eid first. Eid means happiness. But this Eid was not happy at all. It was just like any other day. To me, it was not happy because I didn’t receive the too-many phone calls and messages wishing me Eid Mubarak.
I did not see anyone wearing any new clothes. I didn’t see a bunch of people going to offer Eid prayers.

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Also my little brother studies in another district. There was no contact with him.
And, it breaks my heart every time when I recall the fear in my parent’s eyes.
And I know, I am sure he would have been equally scared. I just want to tell you that the curfew still has not been lifted. It’s just that some restrictions have been removed.
2G Internet services have been restored in a few parts.

Well, there are many areas where call services have not yet been restored. And yes, I feel ashamed to call my nation one of the biggest democracies because democracy is government by the people, of the people and for the people. But here, I feel, this definition is failing because we and our opinions didn’t matter to our government.

These are just a few instances of my experiences but I am sure, I am very sure, if things any day get back to fine, you’ll definitely come across thousands of such and even worse stories that might bring tears to your eyes. All I want to ask is: Does this call for a celebration?

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