Which Superhero Are You?

Find out what it takes to be a real superhero!

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Who is your favourite superhero? (Photo: iStock)

From caped crusaders to aliens with superpowers, cinematically, the last decade has been the age of superheroes. There must be few who haven’t watched a superhero film and imitated them.

For years these films have had such a great impact on most of us that as kids we would run around the house with a red cape tied to our neck, fist positioned towards the sky, red underwear worn over our pants. Yes, we were saving the world from the bad guys. Been there, done that.

But do you still do it? I sense some nodding.

Well, you’re not alone; many of us still check our knuckles for blades and wish for an accelerated wound healing. We all secretly want to be like our favorite superheroes that we idealized in the films because besides combatting evils, these heroes had unique personalities and powers.

And while growing up we realized that there’s no one superhero; there are many and they possess different superpowers. So, which superhero are you?

Which superpower would you want to possess?

The Ability to Fly

Of course, who wouldn’t want to see the world from up above and keep a bird’s eye view on the bad guys? After all, you can better protect the humanity from evil and injustice with an X-ray, microscopic, telescopic, and infrared vision and supersonic boom!

Going Invisible

Imagine what all could one do by going invisible! Not only would you know what others say about you behind your back, but also you could correct evils without being noticed or putting up a fight. With a superpower like that, you wouldn’t even have to go undercover to spy on your enemies.

Super strength

Nothing is as addictive as possessing enormous physical strength because whoever your foe be, they wouldn’t be able to hurt you. And whatever powers they may enjoy, they would never stand a chance in front of your welly. This kind of strength could help you move mountains, battle hundreds at once, maintain peace around the world, leap across continents, and punch your way through dimensions.

Do you want to be super strong? (Photo: iStock)
Do you want to be super strong? (Photo: iStock)

Augmented healing

Ah, the sweet thought of living forever. Well, an accelerated healing power could make you almost immortal, and the ability to grow entirely new tissues and heal from most wounds in just seconds. Even the severe wounds or near-complete destruction of your body mass may not be a match for your healing abilities.

But do you ever realize that being a superhero isn’t just about owning superpowers, but also taking responsibilities, ownership, and looking after your loved ones even when you aren’t around? While the above-mentioned superpowers are impossible to achieve (unless, of course, you go through a mutation), you can surely imbibe other characteristics of superheroes, such as taking care of your family after you are long gone. You and HDFC Life insurance could make up a dynamic duo in ensuring that your family stays protected, has their dreams fulfilled and their lives continue to run smoothly in your absence.

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