Jan Shatabdi Express: Timings, Routes, Ticket Fare

Jan Shatabdi Express was introduced as an affordable alternative to Shatabdi Express.

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Jan Shatabdi Express time table, fare route. Image used for representation.

Jan Shatabdi Express was launched by the Indian Railways in the year 2002. The first train was operated on 16 April 2002. Since then, many trains have been added to 'Jan Shatabdi Express' lineup, which connect major cities all across India.

Since the tickets for Shatabdi Express trains are expensive, Jan Shatabdi Express was introduced as an affordable alternative. The fare for Jan Shatabdi Express is less than Shatabdi Express, as the name 'jan' itself means common people.

Jan Shatabdi Express has both AC and non-AC coaches, and because of the affordable fare scheme, food is not provided to the passengers for free.

In this article, we have curated the details of all Jan Shatabdi Express trains running across the country.


Time Table

NameStart StationStart TimeEnd StationEnd TimeDistance
BBN Janshatabdi (12021)HOWRAH JN06:20BARABIL13:05398 kms
BBN Janshatabdi (12022)BARABIL13:40HOWRAH JN20:55398 kms
Janshatabdi Express (12023)HOWRAH JN14:05PATNA JN22:45532 kms
Janshatabdi Express (12024)PATNA JN05:30HOWRAH JN13:25532 kms
JAN Shatabdi Express (12051)DADAR05:25MADGAON14:10757 kms
JAN Shatabdi Express (12052)MADGAON14:40DADAR23:15757 kms
HW ASR Jnshtbdi (12053)HARIDWAR JN14:45AMRITSAR JN22:05407 kms
ASR HW Jnshtbdi (12054)AMRITSAR JN06:50HARIDWAR JN13:50407 kms
DDN Janshtbdi (12055)NEW DELHI15:20DEHRADUN21:10305 kms
NDLS Janshatabdi (12056)DEHRADUN05:00NEW DELHI11:15305 kms
UHL Janshatabdi (12057)NEW DELHI14:35UNA HIMACHAL22:10410 kms
NDLS Janshtbdi (12058)UNA HIMACHAL05:00NEW DELHI12:00410 kms
NZM JAN Shatabdi (12059)KOTA JN05:55H NIZAMUDDIN12:30458 kms
KOTA Janshtbdi (12060)H NIZAMUDDIN13:15KOTA JN20:00458 kms
JBP Janshatabdi (12061)HABIBGANJ17:40JABALPUR22:55331 kms
HBJ Janshatabdi (12062)JABALPUR05:30HABIBGANJ11:00338 kms
HW UHL Link Jsht (12063)HARIDWAR JN14:45UNA HIMACHAL22:10368 kms
UHL HW Link Jsht (12064)UNA HIMACHAL05:00HARIDWAR JN14:10368 kms
DEE JAN Shatabdi (12065)AJMER JN05:40DELHI S ROHILLA11:35373 kms
Hazrat Nizamuddin Ajmer JAN Shatabdi Express (12066)DELHI SARAI ROHILLA16:20AJMER22:25373 kms
JAN Shatabdi Express (12067)GUWAHATI06:30JORHAT TOWN13:20376 kms
JAN Shatabdi Express (12068)JORHAT TOWN14:30GUWAHATI21:20376 kms
Janshatabdi Express (12069)RAIGARH06:20GONDIA JN13:25415 kms
Janshatabdi Express (12070)GONDIA JN15:00RAIGARH22:00415 kms
JAN Shatabdi Express (12071)DADAR14:00JALNA21:30428 kms
Janshatabdi Express (12072)JALNA04:45DADAR12:30428 kms
BBS JAN Shatabd (12073)HOWRAH JN13:25BHUBANESWAR20:20439 kms
BBS JAN Shatabdi (12074)BHUBANESWAR06:00HOWRAH JN12:40439 kms
JAN Shatabdi (12075)KOZHIKKODE13:45TRIVANDRUM CNTL21:35399 kms
JAN Shatabdi (12076)TRIVANDRUM CNTL05:55KOZHIKKODE13:15399 kms
JAN Shatabdi (12077)MGR CHENNAI CTL07:25VIJAYAWADA JN14:45454 kms
JAN Shatabdi (12078)VIJAYAWADA JN15:20MGR CHENNAI CTL22:35454 kms
Janshatabdi Express (12079)KSR BENGALURU06:00HUBBALLI JN13:45470 kms
JAN Shatabdi Express (12080)HUBBALLI JN14:20KSR BENGALURU21:50470 kms
JAN Shatabdi (12081)KANNUR04:50TRIVANDRUM CNTL14:25502 kms
JAN Shatabdi (12082)TRIVANDRUM CNTL14:45KANNUR00:20502 kms
JAN Shatabdi Express (12083)MAYILADUTURAI J14:50COIMBATORE JN21:15362 kms
JAN Shatabdi Express (12084)COIMBATORE JN07:10MAYILADUTURAI J13:40362 kms
RNC Janshatabdi (12365)PATNA JN06:00RANCHI13:55411 kms
PNBE Janshatabdi (12366)RANCHI14:25PATNA JN22:20411 kms
Naini Doon JAN S (12092)KATHGODAM05:30DEHRADUN12:30336 kms
Patna Janshtbdi (15125)MANDUADIH06:20PATNA JN11:00233 kms
Janshatabdi Express (15126)PATNA JN17:15MANDUADIH22:15233 kms
Naini Doon JAN S (12091)DEHRADUN15:45KATHGODAM23:35336 kms
Janshatabdi Express (12089)YESVANTPUR JN17:30SHIVAMOGGA TOWN21:55269 kms
Janshatabdi Express (12090)SHIVAMOGGA TOWN05:30YESVANTPUR JN09:50269 kms


Jan Shatabdi Express trains are a series of affordable trains running on various routes. The fare for the same depends on the route of the train and the class you want to travel in. It has three seating options: Executive Class (EC), Chair Car (CC), 2S. For updated fare details, passengers can check IRCTC's official website or application.



Jan Shatabdi Express trains run on various routes, connecting major cities across India. For complete information on train routes, passengers can visit: or download the NTES app.

How to Book Tickets

Tickets for the Jan Shatabdi Express can be booked just as tickets are booked for any other Indian train. Passengers can book it from IRCTC's official website or visit any railway reservation counter in India.

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