Are you spending enough quality time with your kids? Find out
Quality time is different from Quantity time
Quality time is different from Quantity timePhoto: Kores 

Are you spending enough quality time with your kids? Find out

Parenthood is tough. And the age of internet has only made it more difficult. With so many distractions, it’s become almost impossible for you to devote quality time to anything, or anyone. This can affect your relationship with your child in ways you can’t imagine.

Like most parents, you probably make a huge effort to spend time with your kids. You try and work from home, take your children to office, and even take them along to run errands, just so you can spend more time together. But often, because there are so many distractions, you can’t properly focus on their needs. You find yourself distracted by household chores, domestic responsibilities, and office work, among other things. As a result your child may feel that you don’t spend sufficient time with them because they see your attention divided between them and other things.

The impressions left on us during childhood stay with us throughout our lives and the last thing any parent wants is for their child to feel that they did not spend enough time together.

As this touching and deeply relatable video by leading stationery company Kores shows, parents often don’t spend quality time with their children even if they are spending ‘quantity time’. And children are very intelligent and pick up on this very quickly. The video also suggests a simple fix to this problem. Watch it to know more:

As you saw, just #10MinutesWithMummaPapa can probably make a world of difference to children. Parenthood is tough. But small measures like spending focused time with children away from distractions can go a long way in making it easier.

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