Difficult to Digest: 7 Food Items Not to Eat on a First Date

We’ve got for you 7 food items that you should avoid like the plague on a first date.

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This unholy dish might just prove to be catastrophic for your date. (Photo: iStock) 

You’ve probably heard the cliche, ‘a first impression is the last impression’. Nowhere does it hold more truth than on your first date.

Yes, a first date is exciting – but it’s also so stressful! You fret over what to wear and what to say. And the last thing you need on your plate is wrong food and you making a fool of yourself.

You’ll be scarred for life.

But fear not. We’ve got some hot tips that’ll help you keep your cool on the all-important night. Below is a list of food items you’re probably better off doing without.

Raw Onion/Garlic

Want to dump your date? You can’t go wrong with onion/garlic. Think distant hug instead of goodbye kiss. But be warned, that’s only if you’re lucky.

(Photo: iStock) 
(Photo: iStock) 

Green Salad

It sounds healthy and cool to order a salad. But then, those fresh vegetables will ruin your perfect smile when a sprig of spinach gets stuck between your teeth! What a turn off that would be for your date.


There are few items more romantic or exotic than spaghetti. But come on, no one wants to watch you messily slurping at spaghetti strands! And let’s not forget the screeching sound you’re bound to make if your classy attempt at twirling the spaghetti fails.

(Photo: iStock) 
(Photo: iStock) 


Who doesn’t like showing off on a first date? Years of romantic comedies have made us believe that there’s nothing fancier than ordering a lobster. But here’s two things you must remember.

One, bibs are your absolute go-to when you eat a lobster. But here’s a quandary: do you really want to cover your beautiful attire with a bib on your first date?

Secondly, you’ll be a wuss if you fail to crack that lobster.


Corn is delicious, corn is simple and it’s also painfully annoying. How do you focus on a conversation if you’ve got a kernel stuck in your tooth? Imagine what a spoiler of a night it would be if you had to keep rolling your tongue or using your finger behind a napkin to get that one kernel out throughout the night!

(Photo: iStock) 
(Photo: iStock) 


Seriously, burgers? Are you in high school? Just, no. She’s not lovin it! Also, no one’s interested in getting that good a look inside your mouth as you bite into that big messy burger on your first date.


No matter where you dine, ribs and wings always make their way into the menu. They are scrumptious and saucy but also very messy. There’ll be sauce everywhere except on your plate. It’ll be on your face. Your fingers. Maybe on your clothes too. In all seriousness, that ain’t a sexy look...at all. And do not try to eat a wing with a fork and a knife. You’ll just look stupid.

Bon Appétit!

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