Flipkart Now Reading: Great Weekend Reads For The Summer

Flipkart Now Reading: Great Weekend Reads For The Summer


While there are many ways to beat the heat this summer, nothing comes close to plonking yourself on your couch at home, turning on the AC and reading a book. Agree? So, if you too are looking to up your reading game, #FlipkartNowReading has you covered. Consider this your one-stop solution to all that’s trending in the world of books. While we reckon you watch the video to know what titles to read and why you should be reading them, here’s a little heads up:

Book of the Month:

Ravinder Singh’s The Belated Bachelor Party should top your list. It’s about four friends who decide to go to Europe for their bachelor’s, except they are all 12 years into their respective marriages. What follows next is a crazy adventure!

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Top Five Reads For May:

Book of the month aside, Badsha and Yagya have more suggestions coming your way. Here are their top 5 recommendations for the month.

  • Everything Is F*cked by Mark Manson: By drawing inspiration from the mountain of psychological research and the eternal wisdom of legendary philosophers like Plato and Nietzsche, he carefully dissects politics and religion.
  • Chanakya And The Art Of War by Radhakrishnan Pillai: The book draws upon lessons from the great teacher, philosopher and strategist Chanakya's masterpiece, Arthashastra, which can help us overcome those speed breakers to become innovative and influential and realize our true potential.
  • Coming Round The Mountain by Ruskin Bond: The book is a fitting finale to a journey down memory lane, one about accepting change and finding hope in the unknown days to come.
  • How Your Child Can Win In Life by Mathew Ragget: Raggett, the headmaster of the Doon School, summarizes his key learnings over the years in this short, inspiring read.
  • ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: The Official Book: This contains everything fans need to follow the tournament: full guides to the 10 teams in England, their star players, a history of the 11 previous tournaments, full facts and stats and a fill-in guide for every match to create a personal memento.

That’s it. We’re telling you no more. Watch the video right away, and keep reading!

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