Urdunama: What ‘Ibtida’ Are You Going to Make This Year?

Urdunama: What ‘Ibtida’ Are You Going to Make This Year?

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Cameraperson: Mukul Bhandari
Video Editor: Rahul Sanpui

Ibtida means a beginning and inteha means the ending of something after having reached a limit. The beginning could be of a relationship, or of an activity. Every ibtida is basically an effort. And if you feel burnt out due to the hard work you have been putting into something that hasn't given any positive results, Urdu poet Allama Iqbal’s words will put you at ease and bring you back on track.

Khirdmandon se kya poochu ke meri ibtida kya hai

Ke main is fikr mein rehta hoon, meri inteha kya hai

Khirdmand means intellectuals or intelligent people around me. Why should I go to them saying 'Help me, tell me how should I do the ibtida?'

Main is fikr mein rehta hoon meri inteha kya hai – this means that I would rather test my limits. The couplet basically means: 'The sky is the limit and I know it'.

Watch this episode of Urdunama for poetry that will give you the courage, positivity and hope that you need to ring in the new year with.

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