This new book gives invaluable advice on understanding yourself

‘Connecting With Yourself’ is aimed at helping individuals understand facets of their own self.

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Vishal Jacob and his book ‘Connecting With Yourself’

What makes us behave the the way we do? There never appears to be a clear answer to this question, but imagine the possibilities if we could not only understand why we behaved the way we did, but also how we could guide our behaviour?

Unfortunately, not many people care to understand their own motivations, and introspection as a practise is simply not given the importance it deserves - whether it is at home or within the education system. Somewhere, the expectations of society become more crucial in moulding our lives than our own understanding of our desires and motivations.

This is what Vishal Jacob’s new book - Connecting with Yourself – Why we think, feel and act the way we do - hopes to address. Having worked in a corporate organisation for over 17 years, Vishal came to understand that the larger problems organisations face are all related to the interpersonal interactions of people. His book is a summary of his learnings over the years and is aimed at helping individuals understand facets of their own self.

Connecting with Yourself 
Connecting with Yourself 

As a professional executive coach certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Transactional Analysis, Vishal also had a rich bank of theory in the fields of human psychology and neuroscience to draw upon. His book addresses familiar issues every working professional has to face like growth, decision making, habit forming behaviour, the pursuit of happiness, and most significantly, what it means to stay connected to oneself.

Connecting with Yourself is a great way to understand one’s own motivations. And while it will give you invaluable information that can unlock your own potential, it will also contribute towards unlocking the potential of others, since any royalty earned from this book will be donated to the Passion Fruit Foundation that was started to help and empower people discover and follow their passion. You can learn more about the book here.

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